Cricut Contributing Artist series: Valentina Barrile

8 March 2024

Valentina Barrile, a remarkable artist hailing from the picturesque landscapes of Italy, creates art that celebrates creativity, freedom, and the profound connections we share. Tune in as we dive into the beginnings of her artistic journey and how it led her to the Cricut Contributing Artist Program.

How did you discover Cricut, and what motivated you to join the Contributing Artist Program? 

Valentina’s journey with Cricut began through a blend of reputation and personal discovery, primarily influenced by a close friend. She was drawn to the Cricut community for its embodiment of values she holds dear: sharing, creativity, and a sense of sisterhood. For Valentina, joining the Contributing Artist Program wasn’t just about being part of a community; it was about contributing to a movement encouraging people to embrace their creative instincts and share their unique voices with the world. 

Can you share the beginnings of your artistic journey with us? 

Valentina’s path to embracing her artistic side is both inspiring and daring. There was a pivotal moment in her life when she found herself at a crossroads, questioning what truly brought her joy. This introspection led her to leave her permanent job boldly and leap into the unknown world of freelancing. Her faith in herself and her dream of spreading creativity in her unique style guided her on this new path, marking the beginning of a journey fueled by passion and determination. 

What does creativity mean to you? 

For Valentina, creativity is synonymous with happiness and connecting with like-minded souls. It’s a vibrant thread that weaves through the fabric of her life, bringing joy and uniting her with others who share her passion for expression and innovation. Creativity is not just an act of producing art; it’s a way of living, thinking, and connecting on a deeper level. 

Who or what inspires your creativity, and why? 

Valentina finds inspiration in many hobbies that resonate with her spirit, such as immersing herself in nature, meditation, painting, and exploring spirituality. These activities are not just pastimes; they are gateways to new ideas, emotions, and the endless possibilities that fuel her creativity. They allow her to tap into a wellspring of inspiration that profoundly influences her work, making each piece reflect her journey and the world around her. 

Do you have a favorite type of craft or a project you’re particularly proud of? 

Without hesitation, Valentina expresses her profound love for designing custom mugs. These aren’t just ordinary mugs; they’re canvases that capture her unique style and message, allowing people to start their day with a piece of art that inspires and motivates. For Valentina, these mugs represent more than just a craft; they’re a means of sharing a piece of her soul and spreading joy to others. 

How would you describe your artistic style in one word, and why? 

“Groovy Boho Motivational” encapsulates Valentina’s artistic ethos. Her style is an ode to freedom, a rebellion against the confines of rules, and a celebration of listening to one’s inner voice. It’s about expressing the inexpressible, transcending barriers through the universal language of art. Valentina sees her work as a bridge between the seen and the unseen, a way to communicate with the deepest parts of our being. 

What is your spirit animal, and why? 

The spider, for me, is a powerful symbol of creativity and the intricate webs weaved into our lives and art. It’s fascinating how a spider crafts its web with precision and care, much like how I approach my art and designs. This creature’s connection to motherhood and femininity resonates with me, especially after becoming a mother. The spider represents patience, persistence, and the creative spirit that guides my work and my role as a mother. It’s a reminder of the strength and delicacy required to balance these aspects of my life. 

What are your favorite colors and why?  

Yellow, violet, and red; each of these colors holds a special significance in my life and work. Yellow, for me, is the color of happiness, optimism, and energy. It’s like the sun, bringing light and warmth to everything it touches. This color mirrors my desire to spread joy and positivity through my art. Violet represents spirituality, creativity, and the mystery of the universe. Its color encourages deep reflection and connection with the spiritual realm. Red, on the other hand, symbolizes passion, strength, and love. It’s a powerful color that drives me to pursue my passions fearlessly and to pour love into every piece I create. Together, these colors paint a picture of who I am and what I aspire to share with the world.

If you were able to choose one superpower, what would it be?  

Telekinesis! Choosing telekinesis as my superpower is a metaphor for the influence and impact I hope to have through my art. As telekinesis involves moving and influencing objects with the mind, I aim to move and inspire people with my creativity. It’s about making a tangible difference in the world without physical touch, using the power of thought, intention, and art to provoke change, evoke emotions, and connect with others on a profound level. This superpower symbolizes my belief in the strength of creativity to transform our perceptions and the world around us.” 

Valentina Barrile’s story and work remind us of the power of following our passions and the beauty of sharing our creativity with the world. Her contributions to the Cricut community enriched our collection of designs and inspired us to embrace our creativity and express it freely. Visit Valentine’s Design Space profile to get inspired!

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