Cricut Contributing Artist series: Diana Rosillo

14 December 2023

Diana Rosillo, a talented graphic designer from Vila Nova de Santo André, Portugal, brings us along on her artistic journey and what inspires her creativity. Follow along as we dive into how her upbringing and culture shines through in her vibrant and eclectic designs.

How did you stumble upon Cricut, and what drew you to the Contributing Artist Program?  

I had previously bought a Cricut due to a friend’s recommendation and fell in love with the ability to make something amazing and tangible from a simple idea in my head. I decided to join because I love illustration and creating. As an artist, it’s humbling and inspiring to see your vision come to life when crafters make.

Where did your artistic odyssey commence?  

I’m a Graphic Designer, but from a young age, I was persuaded by my parents to paint and craft. Both were artists in their way. Rooted in my upbringing, my artistic roots run deep, nurtured by creative parents who have laid a foundation for my work.

What does creativity signify in your world?  

Creativity isn’t just a hobby; it’s my personality and a way of life. My life and materials could be different, but I always have a project in mind and create something in my head.   

Who or what sets your creative soul ablaze?  

I’m Mexican, so my culture is one of my main inspirations; Mexican culture is full of colors and shapes, which infuses life into my creations, while museum visits provide me with an eclectic mix of inspiration while I learn and gather inspiration from new artists.

Describe your artistic style in one word and explain.  

Colorful, cute, festive – most of my art has bright colors to reflect happiness. I want my art to radiate joy, as a vibrant palette and whimsical charm embodying happiness’s essence.  

What family tradition holds a special place in your heart?  

Dia De Los Muertos is an essential event in Mexican culture, and I love that I can pay homage to the enchanting celebrations. I uploaded many images that are a testament to my cultural roots.   

Diana’s journey reminds us of the importance of diverse voices in the artistic realm. By having creators like her on board, Cricut ensures that Design Space reflects the authenticity of real artists. Visit Diana’s Design Space profile to view the rest of her creative catalogue!

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