Cricut Contributing Artist series: Cindy Craig

27 January 2024

Cindy Craig started her creative journey with a simple introduction to Cricut machines six years ago. From falling in love with the machine’s possibilities to becoming a part of her esteemed Contributing Artist Program, her artistic endeavors have flourished. Let’s delve into Cindy’s vibrant and imaginative world, exploring the origins of her creativity and the inspiration that fuels her passion.

How did you find Cricut, and why did you join the Contributing Artist Program? 

I bought a Cricut machine six years ago on my mom’s recommendation. Falling in love with its endless possibilities, I began designing my own files. The discovery of Cricut’s Contributing Artist Program was a game-changer. I was overjoyed at the acceptance into the program; it marked the beginning of an exciting artistic journey. 

Where did your artistic journey begin? 

My artistic journey traces back to kindergarten, where the art easel became my daily choice. Initially involved in wooden sign-making for our local farmers’ market, I gradually transitioned to designing SVG files, setting the stage for my evolving creativity. 

What does creativity mean to you? 

To me, creativity is the language through which I express myself. It’s the process of piecing together elements until I’ve crafted something that resonates. The entire journey of creation, from ideation to completion, brings immense joy to my life. 

Who or what inspires you to create, and why? 

The vibrant Cricut Community and its users serve as a wellspring of inspiration. Exploring themes like ‘Christmas Trees,’ I translate my ideas into doodles using Adobe Illustrator. The joy of creating is magnified when I share my designs with others. 

What is your favorite type of craft, or what project have you created that you are most proud of? 

Wooden sign-making holds a special place in my heart. A large sign proclaiming ‘It’s good to be home,’ created with a Cricut Stencil, is a testament to my craft. The challenge of cutting the stencil into pieces for a four-foot-long sign adds to my pride. 

Describe your artistic style in one word and explain. 

Whimsical, varied, emerging. My hand-drawn designs embody a whimsical charm, while my art spans various themes, contributing to its diverse nature. An emerging, unique style is becoming more apparent as I continue to design and explore my creative boundaries. 

What is your favorite family recipe? 

My grandma’s cabbage rolls are a cherished family recipe, especially during holidays. 

What is your spirit animal, and why? 

As my spirit animal, cats resonate with me. From house cats to cheetahs, their independent nature aligns with my preference for doing things on my terms. 

Do you collect anything? 

Rocks from places I’ve visited hold a special place in my collection. Any captivating rock is fair game for my ever-growing assortment. 

Diving into the artistic world of Cindy’s creations has revealed not just a creator but a storyteller weaving tales through whimsical designs. From the discovery of Cricut to the creation of meaningful wooden signs, every aspect of their journey adds color to the canvas of their artistic expression. 

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