Cricut Contributing Artist series: Erica Di Franco

5 January 2024

Erica Di Franco, a talented illustrator and designer from Genoa, Italy, is the imaginative soul behind an array of delightful images and cutting files in Design Space. In this artist spotlight, we’ll dive into how Erica discovered Cricut and became a part of the Contributing Artist Program. So, buckle up for a whimsical ride filled with kawaii creatures, colorful designs, and a touch of Erica’s charming personality! 

How did you find Cricut, and why did you join the Contributing Artist Program? 

Embarking on this magical journey with Cricut was a stroke of fate. A friendly face from the Cricut Team introduced me to the Contributing Artist Program. Can you imagine the thrill of having your work known globally? Sending in my application was an honor, and waiting for that acceptance confirmation. Let’s say the excitement was palpable! 

Where did your artistic journey begin? 

Picture this – a young artist with a passion for drawing and a degree in Design. I dabbled in crafting jewelry with polymer clay, but the discovery of shrink plastic stole my heart. My first collection of kawaii-style animals took shape, and from there, my art became my passport to comics fairs and markets all over Italy. Fast forward to the pandemic and lockdown, where I transformed my designs into cutting files. And here I am! 

What does creativity mean to you? 

Creativity, my friends, is like a burst of good humor! The colors, the drawings – they light up my world and, in turn, aim to bring a smile to anyone who gazes upon my creations. 

Who or what inspires you to create, and why? 

We’re kindred spirits if you’ve ever fallen in love with manga, anime, and the oh-so-adorable Japanese kawaii style! My inspiration also comes from my perpetual inner child – I love drawing funny animals, especially cats. And, with the arrival of motherhood, my penchant for creating art that delights children has only intensified! 

What is your favorite type of craft, or what project have you created that you are most proud of? 

Vinyl, my friends, is my playground, and clothing – especially T-shirts – is my canvas. Turning everyday items into wearable art? Now, that’s a creative thrill! 

Describe your artistic style in one word. 

Let’s play with three words: cute, cartoony, and simple. “Cute” because who doesn’t need a dose of positivity? “Cartoony” because realism is overrated – my style is all about the playful realm of cartoons. And “simple” because my art is like a breath of fresh air – clear, clean, and immediately lovable, especially by the little ones. 

What is your proudest accomplishment? 

Turning my greatest passion into a full-time gig! It’s not just a job; it’s living the dream of doing what I love every single day. 

What is your spirit animal? 

Cue the drumroll – my spirit animal is the cat! Just like them, I’m independent and curious, and let’s not forget my love for a good sofa nap. 

Are you a clean or messy person? 

Workspaces demand precision – I’m practically a perfectionist. But, in everyday life? Organized chaos has its charm! 

Explore Erica Di Franco’s profile of enchanting creations as she weaves her magic through Cricut’s Contributing Artist Program. This isn’t just art – it’s a journey into a world where creativity knows no bounds! 

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