Cricut Contributing Artist series: Helen Barlow

1 December 2023

Helen Barlow, this week’s featured artist from the UK, takes us on an enchanting journey into her creative realm. Discover how Cricut has influenced her life, sparking artistic inspiration and leading her to the Contributing Artist Program. From the exhilarating decision to invest in a Cricut machine to discovering a vibrant creative community, Helen’s story unfolds with bold choices and creative exploration. 

How did you stumble upon Cricut, and what drew you to the Contributing Artist Program?

My journey with Cricut began with the compelling decision of whether to invest in one of their machines. Spoiler alert: I took the plunge, and it’s been a creative game-changer ever since! While tinkering in Design Space, I couldn’t help but notice the signatures of fellow designers beneath captivating images. This discovery ignited my curiosity, leading me to the Contributing Artist Program—a path I knew I had to traverse. 

Where did your artistic odyssey commence? 

In the whimsical realms of childhood, I found joy in sketching cartoon characters and experimenting with lettering styles. This artistic passion evolved into a formal education, guiding me to the University’s hallowed halls to pursue Graphic Design and Illustration. 

What does creativity signify in your world? 

Creativity, for me, isn’t just a facet of life; it is life. It wears the hats of a hobby, a therapy session, and a full-fledged career. The canvas of my happiness is painted with the strokes of self-expression through creativity. 

Who or what sets your creative soul ablaze? 

Inspiration, for me, is a kaleidoscope of everyday wonders. From capturing the mundane beauty of ordinary objects in photos to late-night scribbles at my bedside and a scrapbook brimming with clippings—each moment becomes a stepping stone to combat creative blocks. 

What craft makes your heart sing, or which project is your magnum opus? 

Crafting magic with SVG files is my symphony. Yet, this question has me pondering new projects with my designs, challenging me to pinpoint one that stands out. A delightful creative conundrum! 

Describe your artistic essence in a trio of words and unravel the tapestry. 

Fun, celebratory, and unique are three words encapsulating my creative identity. It’s a riot of fun during the design process, an ode to celebrations as I craft designs for memorable moments, and a commitment to refreshingly unique ideas and styles. 

What family tradition holds a special place in your heart? 

The annual family holiday steals the spotlight for me, gathered around a flickering fire at sunset, crafting memories and savoring s’mores—an exquisite blend of tradition and joy. 


If you were a color, which hue would you be? 

Picture me in radiant orange—a hue pulsating with vibrancy and energy, a visual representation of my zest for life and creativity. 

Is there something you love to collect? 

My cherished collection isn’t of tangible items but of intangible treasures—memories carefully stowed away, each telling a story and painting the canvas of my life. 

If you’ve been inspired by Helen’s creative journey and are eager to see more designs, be sure to visit Helen’s profile in Design Space. Show us what you make and tag #cricut on social!

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