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Cricut Joy™ + Smart Iron-On Bundle

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Get the Cricut Joy™ + Smart Iron-On Bundle which includes a fun selection of materials so you can start making a little happiness right away.

Step away from your inspiration boards and turn your best intentions into action with a little help from Cricut Joy. This smart little cutting and writing machine is ridiculously easy to set up and use, so you'll find endless excuses to personalize, organize, and customize every single day. Cut custom vinyl decals for water bottles or your wall. Make labels for your kitchen or office. Bust out a custom card or a birthday banner. It's also compatible with Cricut Smart Materials™, for super-easy, super-long cuts without a cutting mat. Just load & go! With plenty of projects that take just 15 minutes, Cricut Joy makes it possible to make something unique for you – or anyone – at a moment's notice.

  • Get Cricut Joy™ plus a variety of materials
  • Weighing in at only 3.9 lbs (1.75 kg), this smart little cutting and writing machine makes it easy to personalize almost anything
  • Cuts 50+ materials, including iron-on, cardstock, vinyl, paper, and Smart Materials™ – super-easy, super-long cuts without a cutting mat
  • Draws any shape and writes in a variety of styles
  • Cuts individual shapes up to 4 ft long or makes repeated cuts up to 20 ft long*
  • Fits in a cubby, packs away easily, sets up instantly
  • Bluetooth® wireless technology
  • Design Space® software for iOS, Android™, Windows®, and Mac®
  • Cricut Joy


  • Cricut Joy machine
  • Blade + Housing**
  • Fine Point Pen, Black (0.4 mm)**
  • StandardGrip Mat, 4.5" x 6.5" (11.4 cm x 16.5 cm)**
  • Welcome card
  • Power adapter
  • 50 ready-to make projects online
  • Materials for a practice cut

*Requires Cricut Smart Materials
**Only for Cricut Joy

Bundled with:

  • Cricut Joy™ Smart Iron-On™, Black
  • Cricut Joy™ Smart Iron-On™, White
  • Cricut Joy™ Smart Iron-On™, Gold
  • Cricut Joy™ Smart Iron-On™, Red
  • Cricut Joy™ Smart Iron-On™, Silver
  • Cricut Joy™ Smart Iron-On™ Glitter, White
  • Cricut Joy™ Smart Iron-On™ Glitter, Multi
Make happiness in minutes.

From quick cards to labels you'll love, everyone can bust out something fun or functional with the ultra-compact Cricut Joy.

See what it can do.
So long, scissors. It precision-cuts 50+ materials.
Watch it write & draw flawlessly - in any font or style.
Ooh, shiny! It works with Cricut Foil Transfer Tool (sold separately).
See what Cricut customers are making.
  • Works with all popular materials
  • No design experience required
  • Free workshops & online courses
  • Easy-to-learn Design Space app
Your new creative home.
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