January catch up with Emma Jewell

30 January 2021

We asked Cricut UK content partner, Emma Jewell, what’s she’s been up to this month, in the first of her series of crafty diaries.

Cricut Content Creator Emma Jewell


I can’t believe it’s the end of January, it feels like it’s been a very long version of January! Here’s what I’ve been up to this month! 

As you may know, I present the monthly shows for Cricut on Hochanda – the craft-focused TV shopping channel – demonstrating the machines and everything they can do alongside a presenter in the studio.

I normally head to Peterborough to film the live TV slots, but due to the lockdown things are a little different this month! I am Skyping in live to the studio from my craft room, I have a webcam and monitor set up opposite my craft desk so that I can see the presenter in the studio, and they can see me. It feels very strange to be broadcasting onto live TV from home, especially as it meant I could keep my fluffy slippers on the whole time!

My 2-year-old niece found it a little confusing though, she kept shouting at her TV because I was ignoring her and not replying to her questions. I think she thought I was on Facetime as usual from the craft room! 

Emma Jewell Hochanda shows

One of the products we focussed on in this month’s shows was Sportflex Iron-on which is great for using with your stretchy fabrics and things like leggings and tighter t-shirts as it allows your design to stretch with the fabric. I’ve been enjoying making lots of samples for the shows with Sportflex, like children’s leggings, T-Shirts and Sports Bras. I particularly enjoyed this “I sweat glitter” top I created using a design from the Cricut Design Space library.

We recently invested in Ring Fit Adventure, a fitness game for the Nintendo Switch, so I might start wearing it when I next do a little work out in the lounge! 

Since we are in lockdown here in the UK, we’ve been trying to stay occupied and stop it from feeling like Groundhog Day every day. One of my fave ways to trick myself into thinking that I’ve left the house is to sleep in a different room on our air bed every couple of weeks and pretend like we’ve been away for a mini-break. I’m not sure why but it definitely works! 

I’ve also been doing a bit of embroidery in the evenings to stop myself from getting stuck scrolling on my phone. I have been drawing out designs onto fabric using the fabric pen in my Maker to create a template which I can wash off once I have stitched up my design. I find it a really calming way to switch off in the evenings. 

Just before Christmas I introduced a new love of my life into the craft room – my Dreambox. This purpose-built craft cabinet of dreams by Create Room arrived flat packed in December and is now fully built and filled with all of my supplies. It took me over 4 hours just to sort everything into it; it felt particularly important to get everything in rainbow order! 

I love that it gives me a fancy background and a part of the craft room that always looks tidy!  

Emma Jewell sits behind a desk in front of the Dreambox by CreateRoom

It’s already starring in the background of lots of the content I have been creating, I filmed a set of videos to help you get started with Cricut Joy. This getting started series will help you unbox the Cricut Joy, get set up, as well as show you around Cricut Design Space and the Cricut Joy app so you can get making with your new Joy machine. 

I’ve also been playing a lot with some of the newer Cricut products, in particular crystals vinyl and the rose bubbles vinyl, both have such a cool finish once cut. I love anything sparkly, so these are right up my street! 

I’ve been creating a lot with Infusible Ink too. I’m not sure I’ll ever be over how magic it is! I’m particularly loving the new blank cushion covers and cosmetic bags that launched at the end of last year – although I’m not sure there’s room on our sofa for me to make any more cushions! I’m also a big space fan so find myself reaching for the new galactic transfer sheets over any other designs. 

Planning and organisation is always top of my list for January, to get on top of everything for the year, so I created a video and tutorial for Hobbycraft on how to create planner stickers for your planner using the print and cut feature on your Cricut Maker or Explore Air 2. I love making cute but super functional stickers to fit my planner, I actually designed this set with Bridgerton as my inspiration; I have already watched it twice! 

Is anyone else watching The Great Pottery Throwdown, on Channel 4 at the moment? I love a crafty TV show (and pretending I’m an expert in things I know nothing about so that I can shout at the TV) and I really love seeing people being their creative best, it’s magic! I’ve also been getting into Blown Away on Netflix, a glassblowing competition which is absolutely mind-blowing and slightly stressful when the piece they have been working on for hours shatters, but I’d definitely recommend it if you are after something creative to watch! 

Until next time,

Love and Glitter,  

Emma x 

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