Create, Cut, Make Roundup part 3

22 July 2022

This month we are sharing useful links, tips and inspirational projects to help beginner makers and those wanting to try new projects. It’s as easy as create, cut, make and we want to see lots of makers creating with their machines this summer.

Last week saw part 2 which focused on iron-on making plus useful resource links for Design Space.

This week features another popular material – Infusible Ink! As well as more useful Design Space tips and project ideas.

Design Space Resource Guides

We featured Design Space tools that are useful to know about in this week’s resource roundup. We focused on text elements this week and shared how you can change fonts to ‘writing’, how to curve text, what kerning is, and how to use kerned fonts. You can find the links to these blogs below:

How to use writing in Cricut Design Space

How to curve text

How to use Kerning in Design Space

How to use writing in Design Space

Material of the week

We shared some insights into one of our community’s favourite materials… Infusible Ink!

You can find out what this material is and how it is used in multiple blogs:

Beginners Guide to Infusible Ink

Time to make-up with Infusible Ink

Cricut Mug Press – An Introduction

All about Cricut Mug Press

There are so many different items you can personalise with Infusible Ink. Think mugs, coasters, tote bags, cosmetic bags, t-shirts and more! You can check out all our compatible blanks online.

We also shared what ‘cracking’ is on stories, which is a technique used to help remove the Infusible Ink parts you don’t need. You can find out more about this here.

Create, cut, make project inspiration

For Infusible Ink, we shared an easy-to-make donut coaster! You can see this project on our story highlights on Instagram under ‘Let’s Make’ for how to make!

Easy Infusible Ink Coaster Idea

Next up we had a quick yet beautiful vinyl make with flowers. You can see this project on our story highlights on Instagram under ‘Let’s Make’ for how to make!

Vinyl Flower wall art

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