Cricut supports Just a Card – Indie Week 2022

23 October 2022

Cricut is proud to support JUST A CARD – Indie Week 2022, the colourful, independent alternative to Black Friday.

Set up by artist and designer Sarah Hamilton in 2015, the Just a Card campaign aims to encourage people to support, value and buy from artists, makers, independent shops and businesses. With much of our community here in the UK and Ireland being small businesses, or people who make projects to sell, the campaign is a natural fit for our brand.

We are passionate about championing small independent creative businesses so we’re excited to be a part of JUST A CARD – Indie Week 2022.

We invited Sarah to tell you more and explain how and why you will benefit from getting involved:

“We’re thrilled Cricut is supporting us this year, and that the team is as passionate about the success of independents as we are. The success of the JUST A CARD – Indie Week campaign rests on as many people as possible taking action and choosing to shop from independent businesses. The words ‘Shop Small’ are exactly that,… just words. The Just a Card movement prompts action, and we are often told that we’ve changed the way people shop.

“Just a Card is a campaign of celebration – but with a serious message at heart. We know that the more people who engage with it, the more everyone benefits. Of course, the creative entrepreneurs themselves benefit, but there is a knock-on effect on our towns, community events, local shops, and above, all, the customers. Shopping small is WIN WIN. 

“Being part of JUST A CARD – Indie Week amplifies our voices. It’s tough out there, and the more we sing from the rooftops about how amazing independents are, the more we all reap the rewards. We all need to work together to encourage people to shop independent in the run-up to Christmas, and to show there is a colourful, joyful alternative to the Black of Black Friday.

“If you’re an artist, maker, an independent shop, small business, or you’re simply passionate about them, then please join in.

“There are lots of ways to get involved, all listed on our website JUSTACARD.ORG – so take a moment to hop over and have a good read about how you can join Cricut in supporting our campaign.”

Here at Cricut, we hope that our support for JUST A CARD – Indie Week allows the campaign team to focus on delivering the message far and wide, that valuing and supporting small and independent businesses can have a huge impact.

There are many ways that artists, illustrators, designers, small businesses and independent outlets are using Cricut machines in their work. Sarah talked to us about how she uses her Cricut, and the benefits she has enjoyed since she first started using her machine in this video. You can follow Sarah via her website or Instagram.

Find out more about how Cricut can support your business in the Make to Sell area of our blog.

We look forward to sharing more about our involvement in JUST A CARD – Indie Week. Follow us on social media @CricutUK to get the latest news.

For more information on how you can take part in the JUST A CARD – Indie Week 2022 campaign visit or follow them on Instagram.