6 things to know about Cricut Materials

10 October 2022

Every Cricut material is carefully designed to work specifically with your Cricut machine.

From thickness and adhesive tack to abrasion resistance and safety, Cricut materials go through a rigorous testing process to make sure our team creates products you’ll love and results that will last. 

Read on for six things to know about Cricut materials. 

1. Cricut materials and machines are pre-calibrated for compatibility

Cricut machines and materials get tested together by our Quality Assurance (QA) team throughout the product development process. These tests allow for the thorough review and optimisation of cut pressure, cut depth, tool type, and other factors to make sure that they find the best cut settings for each specific material.

With such a wide variety of Cricut materials available for every compatible Cricut cutting machine, creating these settings requires deep examination by multiple teams, including hardware, engineering, compliance, and even legal review, among others. Given many special considerations that need to be made for each type of Cricut cutting machine out there, quality assurance across hardware, firmware, and material compatibility becomes necessary so you can feel confident about what you’re crafting. Once testing is complete, the carefully calibrated settings get included in Design Space as options for you to select within just a few clicks.  

Additionally, there are many special considerations based on the type of Cricut cutting machine each person owns. QA works together with the hardware team and updates applicable settings for the most precise cuts between your Cricut cutting machine and Cricut material.   

We often require third-party testing through outside, independent labs to further qualify our claims. We focus on quantitative data throughout this testing to isolate and track measurable actions or steps needed to make sure our materials work the way they should.  

2. Stress tested for performance and durability 

The Cricut QA team puts the materials we make through a series of stress tests for durability and performance — from initial production to typical use, and even look at performance as the materials age.  

Sometimes you pick up a bulk roll of materials or stock up on certain colours. We know you want to make sure that the last inch of material is as good as the first. Our team tests material using simulated ageing to help us understand material life span and improve the overall user experience. Using special equipment to create high temperature and humidity conditions for materials, we can simulate years of ageing in our lab within days. In fact, Cricut materials must pass an average of 20-25 tests in our quality assurance process before they are brought to market. Cricut follows internal procedures and standards we have developed, as well as practices based on those carried out by relevant authorities such as ASTM International and ISO to qualify our products.  

For example, in a QA review of glitter iron-on, our team used a scanning electron microscope that can magnify up to 1,000x. This microscope allowed our team to look at the adhesive stickiness on the underside of the iron-on. Seeing the adhesive at this level of magnification allowed the team to discover opportunities for improvement and move forward with educated solutions. 

Two such examples of Cricut materials that undergo performance and durability testing are our removable and permanent vinyl lines. 

Cricut Removable Vinyl: Durable, yet removable 

With more than 20 colours, matte finishes, speciality textures, and unique effects and patterns, Cricut Removable Vinyl is the quintessential material for temporary and indoor projects. Removable without residue for up to two years, this type of vinyl works great for decals, signs, notebooks, laptops, or other applications where you may want to experiment and customise without commitment.   

Cricut Permanent Vinyl: Weather-resistant, UV-resistant, and dishwasher-friendly  

Want your design to stand the test of time…and weather? Cricut Permanent Vinyl is a weather- and fade-resistant material with an adhesive that lasts up to three years. Also dishwasher-friendly, permanent vinyl lasts up to 100 washes so you can customise drinkware without the limitation of handwashing only. Like removable vinyl, you can find this material in more than 20 colors and an array of effects, patterns, and textures. You can also find Cricut Permanent Vinyl in matte and glossy finishes.  

3. Smart Materials for every occasion — just load and go! 

Created for Cricut Joy, Cricut Explore 3, and Cricut Maker 3Smart Materials are specially designed for easier making and continuous or extra-long cuts up to 12 feet long. Smart Materials use a tear-resistant Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) liner that allows the material to be fed through compatible Cricut cutting machines without needing a machine mat. The sensors in compatible machines also pre-measure your Smart Material before cutting so that you can be sure there’s enough for your project.  

Cricut Smart Materials are available in Smart Vinyl, Smart Iron-On, Smart Label, and Smart Paper. Learn more about them on Cricut Help

4. Ideal heat press settings for iron-on that lasts 

When using iron-on (HTV), you’re using material that will outlast 50+ washes in the laundry cycle. Cricut Iron-On and Smart Iron-On —including glitter versions— bond to fabric, wood, and other heat-safe products when you apply heat to the material. To make sure speciality materials like Holographic and Sportflex Iron-On last, follow the care instructions found in our Help Centre.  

A big part of making sure the iron-on lasts is proper application. The testing process of these heat products includes multiple trials to find the optimal time and temperature settings for the Cricut EasyPress family of products. Once determined, the settings get added to the Cricut Heat Guide and Cricut Heat App. Like with Cricut machines, Cricut heat presses are tested with Cricut materials — they’re specifically made to work together. 

5. Attention to safety and compliance 

Cricut is committed to safe and ethical operations and follows all applicable regulations for manufacturing operations —especially when it comes to safety and compliance of our products. While certain chemicals and additives are commonplace in the manufacturing process of certain materials, Cricut takes appropriate precautions and measures to ensure its manufacturing staff are safe and that ultimately, our Cricut products are safe for their intended use. Not all materials are equal — we caution you to be mindful in selecting materials you use because non-Cricut materials may include harmful chemicals or additives like unnecessary leads, phthalates, or cadmium. 

Manufacturing operations at Cricut include risk management and compliance at its core. We undertake various measures to limit unnecessary exposure to chemicals and additives, guarding where we can against health hazards. You can learn more about these efforts by consulting applicable Safety Instructions included with our products or by visiting cricut.com/safety

6. Constant innovation and an ever-growing product list 

Cricut offers a wide selection for making that doesn’t just include vinyl and iron-on. From printable sticker paper and acetate to leather and wood to aluminium sheets and cardstock, you can find plenty to work with online at Cricut.comCricut Access members also get discounts on purchases made through Cricut.com, as well as other exclusive offers and promotions.  

From solid colours to textures and patterns, new materials are in development year-round at Cricut. Our ever-expanding, innovative collection of materials is designed to meet the needs of every maker at every level and with every interest. We keep track of trends in our community as well as in relevant industries, like crafting, fashion, interior design, automotive, and other general social trends. 

Be on the alert for more exciting product releases. Sign up for our email list for announcements directly into your inbox; we can’t wait for you to see what else we have coming up.  

Need more resources? 

For more materials resources, don’t hesitate to contact us, find Materials 101 courses on Cricut Learn, or peruse the Cricut Help section. You can also find us on FacebookInstagramPinterest, and YouTube

We hope these six reasons provide you with even more confidence when you create with Cricut!