Create, Cut, Make Roundup part 1

8 July 2022

This month we are sharing useful links, tips and inspirational projects to help beginner makers and those wanting to try new projects. It’s as easy as create, cut, make and we want to see lots of makers creating with their machines this summer.

In case you missed what we shared on our social channels this week, here’s a handy round up to bring you up to speed.

Wimbledon Images

UK artist Cat Madeira shares her tennis-themed images on Design Space so those of us who love the tournament can share their love for it through a personalised project!

See Cat’s profile in Design Space here.  She has over 700 images and projects she has shared for you to make too.

Wimbledon Cricut Image Ideas

Design Space Resource Guides

Want to get to know Design Space better? These blogs are perfect for helping you get more knowledge on Design Space features, tools and finding inspiration.

Cricut Terminology Guide

How to find free images in Design Space

How to upload your own images

6 Things you didn’t know you could do in Design Space

Material of the week

We shared some insights into one of our community’s favourite materials… Vinyl!

How to reverse weed is a hot topic amongst makers and we shared on our stories how you can give it a try. You can now see this in our Instagram story highlights under Cricut Tips.

We also shared the difference between permanent and removable vinyl which we also discussed in our vinyl top tips blog too. 

vinyl material

Create, cut, make project inspiration

We shared two simple vinyl projects to help you get your making groove back.

First up were personalised bottles for the bathroom. Simply create the text, cut it out and apply it to your bottle! You can see this project on our story highlights on Instagram under Let’s Make!. 

Create Cut Make Roundup

In the second project, we made some sparkly vinyl personalisations on a tumbler using the Cricut Joy. You can see this project on our story highlights under Let’s Make.

New Blogs

Which Cutting mat should I use?

We shared important information on knowing which Cricut cutting mat to use for each material. Don’t miss out on that blog here.

Everything you need to know about vinyl

Perfect for beginners or those wanting to know our top tips when using vinyl we created a vinyl 101 post. We answer frequently asked questions, recommend tools and explain the differences between vinyl types.

Cricut vinyl weeding

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