Create, Cut, Make Part 2

15 July 2022

This month we are sharing useful links, tips and inspirational projects to help beginner makers and those wanting to try new projects. It’s as easy as create, cut, make and we want to see lots of makers creating with their machines this summer.

Last week saw part 1 which focused on vinyl making plus useful resource links for Design Space.

This week features another popular material – Iron-on! As well as more useful Design Space tips and project ideas.

Design Space Resource Guides

We featured Design Space tools that are useful to know about in this week’s resource roundup. Weld, slice, and contour tools are really useful tools for enhancing your images and making them perfect for you. You can find the links to these blogs below:

How to contour

How to weld

How to use the slice tool

Knowing your Cricut Maker Tools

There are 13 tools currently available for the Cricut MakerTM and Cricut MakerTM 3. Discover your machine’s potential by learning about the different tools available and what they can do with our guide to Cricut Maker Tools.

Cricut Maker Tools

Material of the week

We shared some insights into one of our community’s favourite materials… Iron-on!

In our recent blog post, Everything you need to know about Iron-on, we discuss what you will need to get started, what’s important to know before your first cut, and answer frequently asked questions about iron-on.

Using Cricut Iron-on

Create, cut, make project inspiration

We shared two simple iron-on projects to help you get your making groove back.

First up we had a beautiful tote bag featuring Emma Jewell’s ‘Bunch of Flowers’ design (search #M3B0A37CB). You can see this project on our story highlights on Instagram under Let’s Make!

Flowers bouquet tote bag Iron on Idea

Next, we had a sparkly t-shirt perfect for the summer season. The image is in Design Space called ‘Saw it, Liked it, Got it!’ (Search #M2738FC74). You can see this project on our story highlights on Instagram under Let’s Make!

Cricut glitter iron-on idea

New Blogs

Design Space Updates

There have been some really exciting changes in Design Space these past few months. From the new Monogram Maker to a new text editing experience, find out about all the changes here.

Everything you need to know about iron-on

Perfect for beginners or those who want more knowledge on making the most out of your iron-on material. We discuss what’s needed when using iron-on plus best practices when cutting, applying the material plus aftercare too. Find out all our tips here.

iron on project Cricut

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