Creating #MessagesofJoy

30 November 2020

Just like the rest of 2020, Christmas is going to look a little different this year. Despite the recent announcement of a temporary respite, the holiday period will still see more restrictions than ever before, with families shaping up to be a little more distant at a time which usually brings us closer together.

Despite all of the hardships the country has been through as a collective, 2020 has also brought out the best in people. We’ve celebrated lockdown birthdays, made friends with our postmen, and clapped for our key workers – recognising some of our real heroes who have helped the country keep going. While the prospect of restrictions easing in the spring there is a sense of a tough winter period ahead – and we all need a bit of a lift heading into 2021.

One of the easiest ways to give people a lift – whether it’s a friend, family member or neighbour – is kindness. Even just small, thoughtful acts can go a long way to showing someone you care. It even makes us feel good too. We carried out research to find out the nations latest attitudes towards kindness and its importance. We found that over half (58%) of people prefer giving, to receiving acts of kindness.

Being kind is important to us at Cricut. It may seem obvious, but we’ve always been struck by the power our products have to bring joy, thoughtfulness and kindness to someone’s day – from making someone a personalised card, to customising a gift for a special occasion. Cricut really does have the power to add little touches, which make a big difference.

That’s why this Christmas, we’ve launched the #MessagesOfJoy campaign, celebrating the small acts of kindness each of us has the power to bring to someone who might need it.

We’ve partnered with the fabulous Katie Piper to create the #MessagesOfJoy positive affirmations  – beautifully crafted quotes that can be added to a gift, decorations, cards, and more, to give that special someone the lift they might need. From ‘Thankyou For Being You’ to ‘Be the person who just went for it!’, the mantras have been crafted to get people thinking, and creating.

We’d love to see you recreating Katie’s projects or maybe even creating your own personal messages for your loved ones. Don’t forget to share them with us on all of our social channels using #MessagesOfJoy. Because at Cricut, we care about kindness, and this year, we could all use a little more of it.

You can recreate Katie’s projects in Design Space: