Cricut Maker Machine

More tools. More materials. More possibilities.

Cricut Maker changes everything.

It handles fabrics, leather, paper, and balsa wood with effortless precision. Cuts sewing patterns in just a few clicks. And places more creative possibilities than ever at your fingertips. Meet Cricut Maker – the ultimate smart cutting machine.


A whole new material world.

Cricut Maker quickly and accurately cuts over 300 hundred materials, from the most delicate paper and fabric to the tough stuff like matboard, leather, and basswood. Now your creative potential is exponential.

Expandable Suite of Tools

Expandable Suite of ToolsThe tools you need.
Today and tomorrow.

Cricut Maker offers the widest range of tools for cutting, scoring, writing, and adding decorative effects – all so you can take on virtually any project you can imagine. Plus, with more tools coming, Cricut Maker grows with you as you master each new craft.

Knife Blade


Add dimension to any project. The extra-deep Knife Blade cuts thicker and denser materials up to 2.4 mm (3/32”) with ease and safety. Ideal for a wide range of practical and artisan materials like chipboard, basswood, and tooled leather.

Maximum cut depth and cut radius varies depending on the material.

Rotary Blade


Cut fabrics quickly. Safely. Flawlessly. Rotary Blade brings infinitely customizable, precision fabric cutting to your home for the first time. It glides and rolls through cotton, fleece, denim, and more quickly and accurately – without backing material.

Fine Point Blade

CUTTING & WRITING Fine-Point Blade

Cut intricate shapes to perfection. This durable and versatile blade makes precise, detailed cuts through most light to medium-weight materials, including cardstock, vinyl, iron-on, poster board, and more.

Pens / Marker

CUTTING & WRITING Pens & Markers

Draw attention to detail. Write like a calligrapher, add a fantastic flourish, or embellish a project with beautiful text and delicately drawn shapes. Cricut pens and markers come in a variety of colors, line weights, and effects.

Pens / Marker

Knife Blade

Pens / Marker

Rotary Blade

Fine-Point Blade

Fine-Point Blade

Pens / Marker

Pens / Markers

Scoring Wheels


Make every fold sharp, crisp, and to the point. Single Scoring Wheel places razor-sharp creases in light to medium-weight materials like cardstock and acetate. Double Scoring Wheel creates crisp folds in coated poster board and light cardboard.

Make every fold sharp, crisp, and to the point.

Create extra-deep score lines for perfect folds and a flawless finish.

Rotary Blade

QUICKSWAP™ TOOLSPerforation Tools

Harness the power of perforation to create uniform, finely perforated lines for any design. Basic Perforation Blade makes perfect tear-offs and easy peel-aways a dream, even for shapes with curves – no need to fold beforehand.

Harness the power of perforation

Create perfectly spaced cuts for easy tear-offs and peel-aways.

Wavy Blade


For an original take on any design, simply add a decorative edge to iron-on, vinyl, paper, and cardstock creations. Wavy Blade brings whimsy to any straight-edge project in one simple step. Where will your creativity take you?

Ride the wave of creativity.

Quickly create a fun wavy edge on a variety of popular materials.

Wavy Blade


Add elegance to any project with pro-level debossed designs. The rolling debossing ball gives you free reign to customize for a stunning effect on foil poster board, coated paper, shimmer paper, foil cardstock, basswood, and more.

Delight with detailed, debossed designs.

Customize projects with crisp, detailed debossed designs.

Pens / Marker


Make a lasting impression. Inscribe professional-looking, personalized text, monograms, flourishes, and embellishments in metal, leather, plastic, and more. Engraving turns every creative project into a keepsake.

Turn any project into a keepsake.

Create unique and permanent engraved effects in a variety of materials.

Perforation Blade Scoring Wheel

Scoring Wheels

Perforation Blade Perforation Blade

Perforation Blade

Wavy Blade Engraving Tip

Wavy Blade

Debossing Tip Engraving Tip

Debossing Tip

Engraving Tip Engraving Tip

Engraving Tip

QuickSwap Housing Switch DIY gears at the touch of a button.

Press. Swap. Go. Effortlessly switch between tools without missing a beat. Simply press the quick-release button at the top of this versatile housing, snap your desired tip into place, and get making.

Adaptive Tool System

Adaptive Tool SystemMore power. Greater precision. Unparalleled control.

Only Cricut Maker features unique, commercial-grade technology that controls the direction of the blade and the cut pressure to match your material. Plus, with 10X more cutting power, you can take on more materials than ever.

Sewing crafts, simplified.

Choose from a wide variety of sewing patterns and quilt blocks, including hundreds from Simplicity® and Riley Blake. Cricut Maker cuts and marks all your pieces in just a few clicks.

IPad showing digital patterns

Select from hundreds of digital patterns

Cricut Maker with IPad

Let the machine do the cutting and marking

Flower handbag

Sew it together and you’re done!

Cricut Maker in 5 Colors

Our most versatile machine comes in 5 sophisticated colors.

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Cricut Maker with iPad

DetailsLittle things that add up
to something big.

Cricut Maker is full of thoughtful touches to make your DIY experience easier. Extra built-in storage keeps your tools organized and within reach. A helpful docking slot holds your tablet or smartphone. And the convenient USB port lets you charge your device in a flash.

Feature summaryThe power of a professional machine.
The simplicity of Cricut.

  • Adaptive Tool System for cutting hundreds of materials
  • Expandable suite of professional-quality tools
  • Rotary Blade for cutting virtually any fabric
  • Knife Blade1 for cutting thicker materials up to 2.4 mm
  • QuickSwap tools1 for decorative and functional techniques
  • Washable Fabric Pen1 for marking pattern pieces
  • 500+ digital sewing patterns available
  • Bluetooth® wireless technology
  • Double tool holder
  • Up to 2X faster cutting and writing2
  • Design Space software for iOS, Android, Windows®, and Mac®
  • Upload your own images and fonts for free

1Sold separately.
2Fast Mode works with popular crafting materials including vinyl, iron-on, and cardstock.

Compare machines.

Cricut Explore Air 2

Cricut Explore Air 2

Amazing DIY value

Cricut Maker

Cricut Maker®

Most versatile & powerful

Easy enough for anyone to master

Cuts, writes, and scores 100 popular craft materials

Cuts, writes, and scores 300+ popular craft materials

Bluetooth® wireless technology

Double tool holder

Up to 2X faster cutting and writing2

10X more power to cut hundreds more materials

Expandable suite of tools

Rotary Blade for fabrics

Knife Blade for thicker materials1

Scoring Wheels1 for sharp folds

Engraving Tip1 for engraved effects

Fine Debossing Tip1 for debossed designs

Wavy Blade1 for fun wavy edges

Basic Perforation Blade1 for tear-offs & peel-aways

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1Sold separately.
2Fast Mode works with popular materials including vinyl, iron-on, and cardstock.

Get the ultimate smart cutting machine.

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