Selling things you’ve made using Cricut designs – Angel Policy

14 April 2021

When starting a creative business, copyright is a really big deal! You need to ensure that you have permission to sell the designs you are using on the products you are making.  

Thankfully, at Cricut, we have your back! Our Angel Policy states that you can sell some of the things you make using designs from Cricut Design Space. But there are a few things to be aware of! Let us explain a little more.    

What is an Angel Policy? 

An Angel Policy is a way of explaining the permissible ways and how many things you are able to sell using another business’ images and designs. Most creative companies will have an Angel Policy as you’ll be making money from content or supplies they have provided you with. The content might be decorative papers, toppers, embellishments, or, as in our case, digital images or cut files.  

What is the Cricut Angel Policy? 

We believe we have one of the most generous Angel Policies in our industry. 

The Cricut Angel Policy allows you to sell things you have made using your Cricut machines, tools, accessories and software. But we do not allow mass production of craft items made with our products.  

That means you are able to sell up to 10,000 finished projects (i.e. cards, T shirts with iron on designs, finished cakes, etc.) per year using cuts made with Cricut products designs and images.   

Your finished projects cannot be made by more than one person, whether that be in an assembly line fashion, in a factory or made by a group of people (including family members). 

The exception to being able to sell your Cricut projects is where there is a third-party copyright. For example a licenced design or an image that has been made available to Cricut under licence. Our full Angel Policy has more information.  

What does the Cricut Angel Policy cover? 

Most images within the Cricut Design Space image library are covered by the Angel Policy. Here is the information you will want to note.

The content within Design Space has been marked so you can quickly see what is available for use on finished projects for sale.  If you look at the images below, you’ll notice one image with a green “a’ in the upper left corner, and one without.   

Both images are available for personal use. But, if you choose to sell your creations, only the image on the right (with the green “a”) may be used.  

The Angel Policy states that any trademarks, copyrights, and patents owned by third parties other than Cricut, made available to Cricut under license cannot be used and sold. 

Fonts within Cricut Design Space are also covered by the Angel Policy.  

Where you can sell your products 

Currently, there are no restrictions in the Cricut Angel Policy on where you can sell your finished products. You can sell on a third-party web site e.g. Folksy or Etsy or you can sell on your own website or via social media channels. You can even sell your items in a bricks-and-mortar store.  

Find out more

You will find the full Cricut Angel Policy by clicking on any of the Angel Policy links in this post.