How we’re using the ‘&’ principle to cope with Lockdown 3.0.

14 February 2020

At Cricut we know many of our members find that crafting can help improve or maintain good mental health. Indeed many of us here have used crafting as a form of therapy and we regularly hear from so many members how Cricut has been a lifeline*.

With the UK entering Lockdown 3.0 we know that once again, many of us are having to adapt to cope with the challenges this brings. In the first Lockdown and indeed throughout 2020, we saw a lot of people sharing how they are coming to terms with the emotional impact these challenges can have.  And what we noticed was that sometimes people feel many emotions all at once and sometimes even have emotions that on the face of it seem conflicting.

For example, we can be feeling very anxious about going outdoors and being in crowded places, & at the same time, feel thankful that we have our loved ones safe at home with us now.

Or we might be feeling angry that we can’t see our sons, daughters, parents, grandparents and grandkids & also feel happy that they are safe and well.

This doesn’t just have to be limited to two emotions. At times we can be feeling hundreds of different things all at once. The point is that we need to be kind to ourselves and acknowledge that it’s OK to feel all of these contrasting emotions at the same time. One feeling doesn’t need to take precedence over another.

With one of Cricut’s messages being #Togetherwemake, we’re encouraging you, our members, to share your support for all those feeling conflicted or to share your own thoughts and emotions with this supportive community.

To take part, just share an & on your social media feeds and use the hashtag #CricutCares. This can be something you’ve crafted on your Cricut, something you’ve made, modelled, drawn or stamped or just a simple typed & in a Facebook or Instagram story.

Of course, we’d love for you to tag us on your posts too, and also tag friends you think would like to share their views and support!

Here are a few Design Space Projects that may help you with your creations

Framed &

Quilling &

And here are some great individual & images and a selection of fonts that have lovely & typography, you can, of course, choose your own:

  • & Banner –  #M122A8480
  • Monogram & – #M1284F13C
  • & split sign – MF7D4D7
  • & dots – #M467B9
  • Dotty & – #MC9E501
  • Dimensional & – #MD220E2E

  • Font (DJ Jer)
  • Font (Premier Shaded)
  • Font (Alphabet Soup)
  • Font (Doodletype – Sentcil)
  • Font (Banner Com)
  • Font – (Wall Décor and More)

And here are some ideas for crafting an & as a constant reminder that it’s OK to feel several emotions at once:

  • Try an adhesive paper & sticker on a notebook
  • Add a vinyl & to a water bottle, phone case or mug
  • Iron on lots of different &s onto a cushion or T shirt
  • Cut an & out of an Infusible Ink™ transfer sheet and press it onto a coaster or Tote bag.
  • Use Criuct pens to draw an & and spend some time mindfully colouring it in
  • Draw an & onto fabric with a washable fabric pen and embroider over the lines to create a lovely piece of wall art

* We are not qualified to give mental health advice. Please seek professional help if you regularly feel anxious or depressed. Here are some helpful links:


Mind Charity –


Blurt Foundation –

The Samaritans –