5th grade teacher, Nancy Chung reflects on 27 years of teaching

16 April 2024

5th grade teacher Nancy Chung organized and decorated her classroom with Cricut

Nancy Chung, also known as @fancynancyin5th on social media, is a 5th grade teacher from Orange County, CA in her 27th year of teaching.

On the side, she is also a digital content creator, former robotics coach, a national presenter at various teaching conferences, and the host of The Schoolyard Podcast.

I love sharing engaging hands-on lessons that integrate art and technology across all curriculum and am passionate about sharing creative projects for both in and out of my classroom. My classroom is a canvas and a creative outlet where I hope to inspire and spark creativity.

Nancy Chung

How did you first find out about Cricut?

Several years ago, I saw that my school librarian was making some really cool personalized items for our staff. I asked her how she did it, and she showed me her Cricut and how she whipped up these amazing crafts. The rest was history. 

How are you using Cricut in your classroom?

In my classroom, I’ve adorned the walls, cubbies, bins, and binders with charming and personalized creations crafted using my Cricut. I’ve transformed a boring corner in the teacher’s area into a delightful mini cafe, complete with inspirational quotes gracing the walls. Each binder and cubby is uniquely embellished with personalized touches, creating a warm and engaging learning environment for my students. 

What’s your favorite Cricut project you’ve made?

Each year, I transform the prominent wall in my classroom into a vibrant display adorned with the title “We Are Family.” This creative endeavor involves intricately weaving the names of all my students into a crossword-like design. The visual spectacle serves as a daily affirmation, fostering a sense of unity and reminding us that we are indeed a close-knit family, encouraging kindness among us.

Another delightful project close to my heart involved a classroom furniture makeover. In collaboration with my daughter, a fellow educator, we rejuvenated an old cubby inherited from her classroom predecessor. Opting for a budget-friendly approach, we skillfully utilized my Cricut to breathe new life into the cubbies, resulting in a stunning transformation that added a touch of fabulousness to our learning space.

How do you feel that Cricut enhances your work as an educator?

Cricut enhances my classroom by providing a platform to display my creative concepts. Its aesthetic appeal not only beautifies the environment but also streamlines organization, making it enjoyable and systematic. This tool not only saves time but also sparks my students’ curiosity in creativity, encouraging them to think innovatively. The result is an aesthetically pleasing classroom that instills a sense of calm and coziness, enhancing our overall school experience.