Fall inspired kitchen decor to make with Cricut

4 December 2023

Your kitchen is considered the heart of your home, making it the perfect room in the house for a fall-friendly refresh. Whether you’re an avid home decorator or just looking to add a touch of autumnal charm, these trendy decor ideas will inspire you to create a welcoming and inviting atmosphere this season.

Warm and earthy color palette

Embrace warm and earthy colors to infuse your kitchen with the feeling of fall. Incorporate rich hues like deep reds, warm oranges, and rustic browns. Consider these projects to integrate a fall palette into your kitchen.

Wall refresh

A fresh coat of paint in autumnal colors can instantly transform any kitchen. But if you’re only interested in a seasonal change, you can achieve similar results with Wall Decals. Try this Modern Decor Leaf Wall Pattern project for a stylish kitchen refresh.

Linens and dinnerware

Swap out everyday tablecloths, napkins and dish towels, for fall-appropriate patterns and colors. Add a touch of whimsy to your table with seasonal patterns like this Fall Charger and Leaf Place Card project.

Natural and organic elements

Integrating natural and organic elements into your kitchen decor is a fantastic way to capture the essence of fall. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Wooden and wicker decor

Accent your kitchen with wooden and wicker elements. Wooden cutting boards, wicker baskets, or a Monogrammed Wood Centerpiece can give your space a farmhouse aesthetic.

Fall centerpiece

Create a rustic centerpiece for your kitchen table or island using a collection of pinecones, and seasonal fruits like apples and pears. Add leaves cut from cardstock into your Fall Centerpiece and place them in a wooden bowl or a glass vase to add a touch of nature to your space.

Warm lighting

Lighting can significantly impact the ambiance of your kitchen, making it the perfect place to gather and enjoy the fall season. Let these cozy projects light the way.

Diwali lights

Embrace the festival of lights by creating this beautiful Diwali Lamp Set. Place them on the kitchen table or open shelving.


Lanterns with LED candles or fairy lights can be placed on your kitchen countertops, giving your space a soft glow. This Snowman Lantern project will welcome winter with a warm embrace.

These simple projects will refresh your kitchen into a warm and welcoming homey haven. You’ll love spending time in your fall-inspired kitchen!

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