Featured Cricut DIY Bride: Marya Sokha

15 March 2024

Marya Sokha, a 2023 bride was determined to DIY as many elements of her wedding as possible. She purchased her first Cricut machine in May of 2023, and her wedding was July 2023!

Working with her fiancé, Gary, they spent a little time each day after work to complete a variety of Cricut projects ranging from bridal party gifts to wedding decor.

They held their wedding at Chateau de L’Amour in Houston, TX with about 180 guests in attendance.

Marya and Gary Sokha DIY Cricut Wedding

What inspired you to DIY your wedding instead of buying all these items? 

“One of the primary factors that inspired my decision to DIY my wedding rather than buying is the cost. It’s widely recognized that the wedding industry has become somewhat extravagant and has experienced significant growth over the last century. With the high cost of wedding decor, we were hesitant to spend most of our budget towards elements that guests may not even recall.

Another motivation is my existing side business, BAB Events, specializing in balloon and event decoration. I wanted to broaden my business scope to include wedding décor. Ultimately, the main reason is that I simply enjoy making things with my hands.”

What sources of inspiration did you use to determine what projects to make? 

“I used Pinterest, Instagram, Etsy, and TikTok to determine what projects to make. The primary motivation behind my decision to invest in a Cricut Maker just two months before my wedding was my desire to craft a personalized seating chart. Given the likelihood of last-minute changes to guest RSVPs, I wanted the flexibility to adjust the chart accordingly. Ordering one online would take too long, and it would be pricey for the size I wanted, around $600-$800. So, I decided to learn how to cut vinyl to make the chart myself.” 

What was your favorite Cricut project from your wedding? 

“I have to say my seating chart for 180 people was my favorite project. It was very intimidating at first but once we got the hang of it, my husband and I finished it in like two days.”

Marya and Gary DIY Cricut wedding seating chart

What were your favorite moments of your wedding day? 

“I have so many favorite moments: our bridesmaids and groomsmen entrance to the wedding, lion dance to bring good luck and fortune, and games we played with our guests.”

“For the first time, I learned how to make stickers to put our faces on the boba drinks we offered our guests. Instead of his-and-her cocktails, we went for boba drinks. My husband’s favorite is honey green tea, so we stuck his face on that one. I love milk tea, so my face went on those. And because we wanted to include our dog, Coffee, in the celebration, we put his face on the coffee drinks. Given his name, it felt perfectly fitting to feature his adorable face on the coffee drinks we served.”

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