Kindergarten teacher, Winnie Chen, inspires students with a creative classroom made with Cricut

26 October 2023

Meet Winnie Chen, a born and raised Angeleno (Los Angeles native) who combines her lifelong love for arts and crafts with her passion for education. Winnie is a kindergarten teacher at the school she grew up attending.  She uses her Cricut machine regularly to create an inspiring and colorful learning environment for her students.

Winnie Chen, teacher who uses Cricut in her classroom

How has Cricut enhanced your work as a teacher?

I believe every child has genius and is capable of amazing things! Cricut has helped me to create a positive, inviting and effective classroom environment that supports student learning and growth. It has made an impact in my organization and creativity as a teacher. I have so much fun creating meaningful details in my classroom that add color, fun, and positivity to our classroom space. 

Winnie Chen

How did you first hear about Cricut? 

I first heard about Cricut when I was studying to be a teacher. I had seen other teachers’ decorations and loved the idea of utilizing a machine to make cutting and decorating more accessible! I knew that I would absolutely LOVE using one in my future classroom, and it is now something I cannot imagine my classroom without! It has been so helpful, allowing me to label materials and toy bins easily, and decorate with ease. 

Do you have a favorite Cricut project? 

So hard to pick a favorite project! Some of my favorites to create have been my teacher mailbox, and all of my classroom projects! 

How does it feel to serve the school you grew up attending? 

I am living out my childhood dream. Some of my teachers are now my colleagues, and I feel blessed to continue learning and growing alongside my former teachers. I have always loved being creative and am thankful that I get to continue that in my classroom. 

What advice would you give to your fellow educators who might be interested in Cricut? 

There are so many opportunities for creating using my Cricut. I encourage all teachers to explore — whether it be as a way to enhance your classroom space or as a creative outlet! From organizing my home to my classroom, designing fun teacher clothes, and creating one-of-a-kind gifts for family and friends, I am so thankful for the creativity and joy that my Cricut experience has brought into my life!

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