Show your teacher appreciation with these 4 gift ideas

3 May 2023

Showing appreciation for a teacher should happen year-round, but to dedicate a time for the acknowledgement of those people in the critical role of enriching the lives of our youth, the National PTA created Teacher Appreciation Week. In 1985, this week-long celebration that takes place in the beginning of May was established with the intent to show thanks to educators and school communities for all that they do to support our students.

As you prepare for this year’s Teacher Appreciation Week, taking place from May 8 – 12, here’s 4 ways to consider showing your thanks.

1. Classroom donations

Many teachers take on the responsibility of providing their own supplies and tools for the classroom. Therefore, every time a pencil or marker goes missing, a lesson plan calls for a new project idea, or a holiday comes up that students may want to decorate for, teachers must either fund the supplies out of their own pocket or rely on the kindness and generosity of donations from others. Any time an opportunity comes up to show appreciation for your teachers, consider donating to their classroom fund or purchasing supplies from their classroom wishlists to help curb their personal expenses. This could cover anything from those pens and markers to whiteboard supplies to paper towel tubes to classroom furniture.

2. Gift cards and certificates

Although coffee mugs, tumblers, photo holders, or other trinkets make adorable gifts, a great alternative gift can be a simple gift card. This may feel impersonal to some, however, it gives teachers the great flexibility to get something they truly need. A friend of mine — a fifth grade teacher — will often come to parties with grab bags of giveaways. These bags would always be full of gifts she received during Teacher Appreciation Week or other holidays, and while they were fun and thoughtful, she couldn’t really use them, didn’t need them, or simply didn’t have room for them. However, she always kept the gift cards (especially the spa gift certificates) and actual classroom supplies.

3. Thank you notes

Never underestimate the power of a good thank you card. Whether it accompanies a separate gift or is the gift, sometimes just a few kind words become the most thoughtful gift. Take some time to write out what you appreciate most from your teacher. While you’re at it — consider sending that thoughtful thank you note via email and cc’ing the principal or school admin, like some comments on this Reddit thread suggest.

4. Cricut materials

Lastly, if your teacher is an avid DIY-er, she probably already has a Cricut machine. In that case, fill her supply box with Cricut materials to help ensure she can make all year long. From paper and cardstock to vinyl to labels, has all the Cricut materials your teacher could ask for. Make sure to sign up for emails to get alerted on all our sales and promos.

How are you sharing your appreciation for your teachers? If you make or gift your teacher something with Cricut, share it on social and tag #cricut!

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