Pantry and laundry room organization inspiration from Design Space

5 January 2022

DIY your pantry and laundry room organization with this roundup of images and projects.

After the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, we can’t wait to settle down, regroup and get organized. From the pantry to the laundry room and beyond, Design Space has something for everyone who wants to bring a little slice of sanity to their corner of the world. We’ve compiled a few of our favorite image sets and projects to inspire your next home organization project.

First up, a few of our most popular image sets for pantry organization. Time to clean out those expired goods and restock with your family’s favorites.

If a ready-to-make project is more your speed, we’ve got you’ve covered. Find Snack Container Labels, Raw Ingredients Jar Labels and Spice Jars in Design Space.

And let’s not forget the hardest working room in our house. From separating darks from whites, to keeping tabs on lonely socks who’ve lost their mates, we love a laundry room with everything in its place.

Design Space also hosts ready-to-make projects to make your laundry space a happy place. A few favorites include Laundry Hamper, Lost Socks Seeking Solemates and Laundry Jar Labels.

Show us your home organization projects and images

What pantry and laundry room organization projects are you making this season? Share what you make by using #cricutmade.

Looking for more home organization inspiration? Visit Everything Labels in the desktop version of Design Space for a roundup of our favorite projects and images for all the rooms in your home.