Introducing Warped Text in Design Space

9 April 2023

Investing in Design Space continues to be a major focus for our team so we can deliver exciting new ways for you to make any project you can imagine. While we continue to improve functionality, design, and the content offerings across our apps, we are also looking for more ways to simplify the making experience. 

Let’s Warp!

Have you ever wanted to reshape the text on your Design Space canvas to create a one-of-a- kind design? Now you can! Today, we’re announcing the rollout of a new Design Space feature, available on both the desktop and iOS apps for Cricut Access subscribers, called Warp —a tool built into the canvas that gives you a simple way to manipulate and shape text.

Exclusive Cricut Access feature

Warp is an exclusive feature for Cricut Access™ subscribers. Anyone can preview unlimited effects — only clicking “Make It” on your warp project requires a subscription (sold separately; terms and conditions apply). So, feel free to Warp your heart out and see the visual impact these effects bring to your designs. If you fall in love, you might want to consider the benefits of a Cricut Access subscription, which covers unlimited use of our ever-growing Cricut library (including an expansive list of pro fonts as well as the stunning designs from our Contributing Artist Program), discounts on licensed images, and shopping perks on Not to mention, an expanding suite of new tools to help you make even easier, like Automatic Background Remover, Monogram Maker, and of course, Warp!

For a complete overview of all the benefits you get when you subscribe to Cricut Access, visit our website and see if you quality for a free trial.

We will continue to invest in features and improvements across the board for Design Space. This includes recent offerings for everyone – like the improved font picker, layers panel and combine menu – enabling a more seamless design experience. You can expect a lot more to come to Design Space in the future.

Try Warp Now

You are going to love experimenting with this new feature and seeing how text takes on new life when you twist, turn, and transform a name, a phrase, or a layout in surprising new ways — and all of this, in just one click!

So, what are you waiting for? Put it to the test: From the Canvas, select your text, then click Warp from the toolbar (on mobile: Actions > Warp). To preview an effect, click any style icon. 

To get your creative juices flowing, here are a few of our favorite projects made using the Warp feature.


When will I be able to use or preview Warp in Design Space?  

To help us ensure that everything goes smoothly, the Warp feature will roll out with the next Design Space for Desktop update (v7.30), iOS update (v5.29) and Android (v5.23). We anticipate all users will get this update in the coming week.

Why is Warp only available for Cricut Access subscribers?  

As we continue our work to improve the Design Space experience, we have a commitment to do so for all our members, including Cricut Access subscribers.

Can I play around with Warp if I don’t have a Cricut Access subscription?

Everyone will be able to see Warp right from their canvas and play around with the tool. If you’re a Cricut Access subscriber, you will have the ability to choose from 24 different warp styles with your next text project. Without a Cricut Access subscription, you won’t be able to make it – you can, however, see if you’re eligible to sign-up for a 30-day free trial to see the benefits of Cricut Access.

How many different types of Warp options will there be?

Choose from 24 different styles to create the design that best fits you.

Will you launch new styles in the future?

We can’t comment on future innovation, but we will listen to feedback from our community of makers and make necessary improvements and additions.

How do I use Warp compared to how I warp my text today?

Before launching this feature, the only way to warp text with Design Space was to manually move your text around. Now, simple personalization is available right on your canvas.

Is Warp available in all versions of Design Space apps?

You must have Design Space for Desktop v7.30, iOS v5.29, or Android v5.23 for the feature to show up on your canvas.

Will projects that I save during a free trial of Cricut Access still belong to me after the free trial ends?

The project will belong to you; but, like our Cricut Access images, you will not have the ability to cut your Warp text after the trial ends.

If I use Warp to create a project and share it with a friend, will they be able to cut the design?

They will not be able to cut the project unless they are a Cricut Access subscriber.

Can I warp text with all available fonts?

The warp tool is only available for single layer fonts and is not yet compatible with multi-layer fonts.