28 July 2021
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The weather is warm, the sun is out, and picnic season is in full swing!

I love this time of year for digging out my woven picnic basket and filling it with yummy finger sandwiches and (of course) homemade sweets. It’s also the perfect moment for summer DIY projects that help add a bit of fun flourish to any outdoor spread.

This summer, Cricut® helped me set the perfect stage for entertaining friends and family outdoors. I’ve been seeing so many of you make amazing 3D paper projects, so I decided I wanted to give it a try. Check out how these summer DIY projects from Cricut helped me craft fun and fruity décor that looks sweet enough to eat!

You can find these projects – and tons more – in Design Space!

Make Me: Paper Strawberries
Make Me: Paper Lemons
Make Me: Paper Watermelon

Stake out a spot in the sun

That’s it! My cute paper fruits were ready for their day in the sun. They made the perfect centerpieces for my picnic blanket and made my outdoor event super sweet.

Cricut makes it easy to craft the perfect picnic, party, or any ordinary day with festive papercrafts – or even apparel! I also made my ultimate summer sundress with Cricut (I’m wearing it in the pictures above). I cut out all the fabric flowers using my Cricut Maker 3 and simply attached them to a cotton dress using fabric tape.

If you want even more of my Cricut tips, check out how I took on the task of organizing my kitchen and adding tons of DIY labels – and (spoiler alert) came out victorious!