Why Cricut is the must-have gift for Mom this year

9 April 2024

Our moms and mother figures deserve the world. They do so much for us, and Mother’s Day is the time to show them just how much you care. While we kids may not be able to gift our moms the actual world, Cricut will make her just as happy. 

Crafting is a hobby—or job, for some—that allows each person to explore their interests and extend their creativity. Cricut helps creative ideas become tangible projects, and nobody is more deserving of a break from their busy lives than our moms! Cricut is a must-have gift for your moms and mother figures this year, here’s why: 

Variety of machines

If your mom is a new crafter or a Cricut-pro, there is a machine for her. Cricut offers different types of machines that can be used in all types of ways. When giving a gift, having options is a must, so Cricut has something for everyone. 

DIY opportunities 

Life with Cricut is life with countless DIY projects that you may have never considered. Cricut can help make functional items, such as pantry labels, bookmarks, and chore charts, and fun embellishments, like stickers and party banners. There are countless ways to save a little money and have a lot of fun while Cricut-making at home.

The Cricut Community

This may be the best reason to gift a Cricut this Mother’s Day. The Cricut Community is a digital space full of creativity and support. Social media is filled with like-minded crafters who want to help everyone achieve their Cricut goals—communities like this are what it’s all about!

Bonding activities 

Cricut not only helps crafters meet one another, but it is also a wonderful way to spend time with loved ones. Almost anyone can learn to use a Cricut machine, which means the family can spend a day crafting away. 

Future gifts

While the big gift might be the machine, Cricut offers dozens of supplemental gifts that can help your mom complete the crafty package. With Cricut, you never run out of gift ideas for future occasions, whether it’s colored cardstock or a Cricut Access subscription. 

Make your Mom’s day with Cricut. Happy Mother’s Day to you and all your loved ones!