10 groovy wedding projects you’ll want to steal for your big day

22 March 2024

Getting married is a big step in anyone’s life, and planning a wedding can be significant. Choosing a theme and decorations for a wedding is half the fun, and thankfully, Cricut is beside you to help. There are so many different aesthetics a couple can incorporate into their big day, and DIY projects are a terrific way to customize the decor to any taste. This wedding season, we’re giving some project ideas to achieve that groovy, disco-inspired vibe we see all over social media.

Homemade wedding decor does not have to cost a pretty penny to look beautiful and professional. Cricut helps you cut, draw, etch (and more) countless designs so you and your betrothed can celebrate your love in style. Here are 10 project ideas to make your wedding spunky, chic, and fun!

1. Just Married banner

Wedding decorations are endless, and nothing says “we’re here to celebrate” like a sparkling banner. This project is perfect for any level crafter and is versatile to all themes and color palettes.

2. Dance floor sign

Welcoming your wedding guests is hard when there is one, happy couple, and dozens of friends and family. Let the sign do all the talking with this colorful poster that lets everyone know where the party starts.

3. Photobooth backdrop

Photos help the wedding stay alive long after the fact. Wedding photographers capture the sweetest moments, but a photobooth captures those unseen bits. For this reason, a proper backdrop is essential to a funky-fun photoshoot.

4. Disco ball

Nothing helps guests get in the groove like a personalized disco ball. Whether it lights up the dance floor or is placed as a centerpiece, a disco ball is a shining addition to any marital celebration.

5. Matchbox favors

Showing a little love back to the guests who helped make your wedding day special can be done with thoughtful party favors. These DIY matchboxes are a unique way to let your loved ones know there is always a spark for them in your hearts.

6. Welcome sign

Greeting the masses can be an overwhelming part of a wedding day. Luckily, crafting your own welcome sign is a sure way to let your guests know you are thinking of them as you all prepare to celebrate.

7. Bridal boots

There is no better way to bust down on the dance floor than in spunky boots. If you’re a bride looking for a more comfortable, yet stylish, way to dance the night away, these boots might just be the key. On theme and adorable, there’s nothing better!

8. Retro roller skates

Speaking of showing up for the dance party, roller skates would make both a spectacular accessory and a beautiful decoration. Leave it to Cricut to help add embellishments to a pair of skates, taking them from every day to wedding day!

9. Retro suspenders

A little flair for a suit never hurt, and these retro suspenders do the trick. If you’re looking for a subtle way to give a little personality to formal attire, suspenders make a wonderful accent piece.

10. Table signs

Table signs are a quick Cricut project that adds a personal touch to the guest’s wedding experience. You can guarantee they are on theme, and inevitably snazzy, by customizing them to indicate the different activities available.

Weddings are an exciting time for everyone involved, and these Cricut-made projects can help give the day a pop of color and a personal touch. Show us how you made your big day extra special with Cricut by tagging us online!

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