How Jess Rowe practices mindfulness through craft

13 October 2021

Meet Jess Rowe, Australian journalist, television presenter, three-time bestselling author, self-proclaimed #craphousewife, fashionista and loving mother.

So, what is a #craphousewife? Jess Rowe says it’s all about embracing your imperfections and realising that you are enough. She founded the Crap Housewife to create a space to unite people who don’t have it all together all the time, because no one does! And in Jess’ words, that’s what makes us so fabulous.

Jess is bursting with imaginative ideas so it’s no surprise that she has always had a crafty streak, but she has only recently has discovered the world of Cricut.

Join us as we chat to Jess about her wonderfully weird creations (including spag bowl hats!) and all the things she’s created with her Cricut Joy, from her new #mumjokes mug and #embarrassingmum tee to accompany the puns she’s known and loved for on Instagram (@jessjrowe) to personalised pet accessories and a ‘who wore it better’ pet runway!

jess rowe embarassing mum shirt
It’s no secret thatJess Rowe loves a laugh. That’s why one of her first projects with Cricut Joy was this #embarrassingmum tee!

Why did you start crafting and what do you like most about it?

Jess: Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve loved craft and creating things. My mum was amazing at sewing (I’m not), but she got me into cross stitch and knitting. In primary school I knitted jumpers out of her leftover wool and had a stall at the Paddington markets where I sold them. I also designed t-shirts. My favourite one had plastic forks around the neck, and I painted sausages in between them with fabric textas!

What accomplishments are you most proud of craft-wise?

Jess: Many people know I’m a proud #craphousewife and I’ve taken to making hats to match many of the meals I serve for my family each night. So, with that in mind I reckon I’m most proud of both my nachos hat and my spag bol hat! I have some crazy creations coming up soon!!

jess rowe in bee costume with #mumjokes mug
Jess Rowe is known on Insta for her hilarious #mumjokes, so it was only fitting that one of her first projects with the Cricut Joy was this bee-autiful mug! Can you guess what hilarious joke accompanied this costume? Check it out here!

Do you think crafting is good for mental health? Why?

Jess: Crafting is wonderful for your mental health and for me it’s a way of practicing mindfulness. Essentially by focusing on a craft project it helps get me out of my head and into the moment. The colours, textures, shapes, and different materials you use plus the power of your imagination is so good for your soul.

You’ve been a big fan of the Cricut – can you explain why and any other crafting/DIY lockdown activities you’ve been up to?

Jess: I love Cricut. It’s easy to use and there are so many ways you can customise your designs. I’m a huge fan of glitter and sparkles so I’ve used the Cricut glitter materials to make special slogans for team-shirts and singlets. I’ve also added slogans to mugs and I’m even designing bandanas for my cats Violet and Daisy and dog Daphne. I’m now taking orders for t-shirts and pet accessories from the whole family! Next on my Cricut wish list is some earrings! Mmmm can you guess what they might feature? There is simply so much you can do with Cricut.

jess rowe pet personalisation
Jess Rowe got busy decorating these oh so cute bandanas for her pets, and then promptly posted a “who wore it better” style showdown on her Insta stories! We have to say, they all look fabulous.