5 products to sell, besides t-shirts

27 May 2022

Whether for a birthday, memorable occasion, or a unique gift to say “I was thinking of you,” let your creativity shine through with Cricut products.  

That special day is here, and a customer comes to you looking for a gift. They are a great customer who continually buys your custom t-shirts, but is now looking for something more. Do you have another option to offer them?

Over the last few months, I have shared with you how you could turn your “hobby” into a “side hustle.” Shirts have been my bread and butter when it comes to my business, but as I start to think outside of the box, I begin to brainstorm other products that I could make using the skills I have already learned. Cricut offers a wide variety of products that can be used to create one of a kind gifts.  There are a ton of items that can be created from stickers, tumblers, stationary and more. I had to narrow it down to my Top Five products that you can sell in your new business.

Ceramic Items

Our first two gifts are a Ceramic Mug and Coaster set. By adding designs with Cricut’s Infusible Ink or by a process called sublimation, you can turn a blank item to a top seller, just like that!

For example, you have a blank mug, a design you have created in Design Space, and a way to heat and apply pressure to the product. Using vital Cricut products, such as the heat resistant tape, you make sure the design is accurately lined up, apply heat with pressure, and Voila! You end up with a beautifully unique gift for that special person.  

Here I applied one of my favorite earthy prints to a mug and coaster set. This gift is ready to be boxed up and delivered to your favorite plant mom or leaf lover. Ceramic items require more time and pressure to make sure the ink is absorbed. Use your Cricut Mug press for a quick result, while using your Cricut Easy Press 3 to find the ideal temp to solidify your project.  Both mugs and coasters can be found at your local craft store, and are ready to use out of the package.

Bottle Bags

Have an inspirational phrase that you would put on a bag? What about personalizing an item with the owner’s name to make a lasting gift? These bottle bags are a quick and easy gift that you can make in large quantities in a short amount of time. The bags come ready to be pressed, there is minimal prep work, and a short production phase. Cut or print out your favorite design, set your press, and go.  The possibilities are endless, and the end result for the product is professional as well as long lasting.  A small piece of Infusible Ink goes a long way on these bags.  Throw a water bottle, or your favorite adult beverage inside, and you are sure to make an impression at the next event. Pair this item with a matching mug, or bundle set for a special occasion, and you have a quick money maker.

Cosmetic Bags

Matching accessories and apparel are a staple for wedding parties, girls trips, sports teams and more. You can personalize each one with a name, print, or full design. When creating items outside of your norm, do not be afraid to try out previous designs that you used on shirts, and apply them to the bags. Check out Cricut Design Space for templates for sizing and ideas for projects. 

These cosmetic bags come in a variety of sizes for versatility. One set could possibly be for three different customers, hence allowing yourself increased profit. The cosmetic bags are another item that can be done with the Cricut Easy Press line, or the new Cricut Autopress. These bags work for any time of the year and allow you to explore your creative side when designing the final look. In this picture, I took a small strip of the Infusible Ink and decided to only design the bottom half of the bag. I could sell these bags as is, or allow for extra personalization.

Blankets and baby items

Baby items will forever be in style. Parents keep personalized baby items for a long time because of the sentimental value they hold. If the item is meant to last years on end, you want a material that will withstand washes, accidents, and the constant flow of life. Infusible Ink is permanent and comes in a large variety of designs and colors that will make matching your design to the theme much easier. Receiving blankets, bibs, or burp cloths can instantly be elevated when they are customized with the baby theme, name, or birth stats. Take the gift to the next level by matching the blanket to a onesie, or shirts for family picture day. Providing a full service that fits the needs of the family helps make the occasion more special for your customer, and puts you in more demand, making you a one-stop shop.

As you can see, I used the same print for all of the items I designed. (Fun fact: only one sheet of Infusible Ink was used to make all five of the products shown). By using up the space on my sheet, I cut down on the cost of my goods, which allows me to gain more profit when I sell the items. Bundle sets have the means of helping your customer check off a box on their to-do list. Whether you are using vinyl, infusible ink, or HTV, remember to always think about how to solve your customers’ problems in regards to gift giving. As a creator and business owner, do not limit yourself to just one product. The more you perfect and showcase other talents that you have, the more you create a lasting customer.

Happy Crafting Friend,