Using Cricut to try new products

6 April 2021

When you’re running a small business, it can be quite tricky to try out new products or variations without having to order large quantities from manufacturers. Illustrator and designer Jessica has found that Cricut is the perfect way around this!

Hi I’m Jess, the illustrator and designer behind Jessica Smith Illustration! I love to create fun, colourful and feel good products and illustrations that I hope will brighten up your day or your walls. I work a lot with gouache and last year had my own book published, Get Up and Gouache, which talks you through how to use gouache with lots of fun projects to try for yourself. I also work digitally using my iPad and procreate to create illustrations, book work and hand lettering pieces.

I first came across Cricut while looking on Pinterest at how to make my own stickers at home. I wanted to be able to produce new products in smaller quantities than I could get from outsourcing. While looking into how to be able to make them for myself I stumbled upon the Cricut Explore Air. The mint green coloured one immediately caught my attention and I knew it would be the perfect addition to my studio!

Since adding the Cricut machine to my office I’ve been able to try out so many new products and it allowed me to experiment so much more than I could before. The very first thing that I tried making when it arrived was stickers. Having never had stickers in my shop before I wanted to test the water and see how they sold so I ended up making a few floral ones and popping them up for sale. They went down so well and are now a constant feature on my Etsy shop! I’ve also made cut-out cards, bookmarks, labels, and decals to Iron-On to tote bags!

There are so many more things that I’m yet to try and I honestly wouldn’t be without my Cricut machine now. 

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