New Guides Feature in Cricut Design Space

26 April 2022

The new Guides feature in Design Space, rolling out to members now as part of our latest Design Space release, gives you the ability to turn shapes, text, and images into guides. This means that you can change the line type, or operation, into a guide and easily lay out your project on the canvas.   

In Design Space, after you’ve chosen your design, go to “Operation.” 

Change from “Basic” Cut to “Guide.” 

The Guide will not cut, or do any other function, once you click “Make It” and go to your mat preview.  

Create a template 

Now it’s easier than ever to create a template. If you’re designing something for a surface and want to see the layout in Design Space before cutting a material, you can do it with Guides.  

Take a home doormat, for example. Simply measure your doormat, drop and resize the shape on your Canvas, and turn it into a Guide. Now you can see exactly what your design will look like on the size of your surface. 

Easily embellish cards 

Embellishing cards is such an easy way to add personalisation for someone you love. With the Guides feature, you can plan out what you’re going to add to your card.  

Leave notes  

For those moments when sticky notes just don’t cut it, you can now leave notes on your Canvas without having them show up when you click to make your project. For example, you can write notes to remind yourself of things you want to do when you assemble the project.  

Will I be able to use the new Guides feature in Design Space on my device? 

The Guides feature is available for users who have: 

  • Design Space for Desktop on version 7.6 
  • Design Space for iOS on version 5.5  

We are working to make this available for Android users in the future.  

In case you missed it

There are plenty of great updates with every software release to continue improving your Design Space experience across devices. Make sure to read the “What’s New” pop-up in your version of Design Space, or in the App Store, and check out our website to see everything in this release.