Make matching family Christmas mugs

22 December 2021

‘Tis the time of year to get cozy and watch Christmas movies. We couldn’t resist creating a set of matching Christmas mugs for settling down in front of our favourite Christmas film with a warming hot chocolate.

With the help of the Cricut Mug Press™ it’s so easy to create a personalised mug for everybody! Let us show you how.

You will need:

How to make:

Step One:

Start this project in the ‘Projects’ section of Cricut Design Space™ and click on the ‘Mug Set Up Project’. Choose the size of your mug and an edge design then click ‘Customise’.

Next search for ‘snowman face’ in images and add the ones you like into the canvas. Add each one to a mug template. Slice the individual pieces out of the mug template, keeping both parts so that you can cut out of the original sheet and then cut the coloured pieces.

Add the names of each family member to the mug template, select both and attach.

Step two:

Lay a sheet of Infusible Ink face up on the mat and load it into the machine. Make sure to mirror your design then select ‘Infusible Ink Sheet’ as your material setting. Start cutting when prompted, then repeat this step for the rest of the sheets until all of the coloured pieces are cut.

Step three:

Next, take the main mug sheet and weed away the design and the edges of the mug template sheet. Then, take the other sheets and weed the pieces, then carefully transfer these pieces onto the main mug sheet putting them in place so that both colours are now part of one sheet. It’s like an Infusible Ink jigsaw!

Step four:

Now the fun part! Making the mugs. Turn on and heat up your Mug Press. Wrap your design around the mug making sure it is well stuck down and lines up with the top and bottom of the mug.

Put the mug into the mug press and close the lever.

Once pressed, remove the mug from the press and allow it to cool before removing the sheet to reveal your finished mug. Repeat this process for all of the mugs.

Now all that is left to do is to start making hot chocolate to fill your matching Christmas mugs with.

Find out more about Cricut Mug Press here. And here’s some inspiration for alternative ways to use mugs.