Lisa Coffey – making as a Cricut lover and foster carer!

14 October 2021

We love to listen to the voices of the Cricut community and share the stories of makers. We sat down with Lisa Coffey, @coffeytime1 on Instagram, who is a Cricut lover, often making with her Cricut machines and is also in the process of becoming a foster carer.

Lisa tells us a little bit about the machines she has, what she has made and how Cricut has helped prepare her for being a foster parent.

Please tell us a little bit about yourself Lisa!

My name is Lisa Coffey, I’m married, and we have a 4-year-old daughter Zoey. I live in Co Kildare, Ireland. I love to cook and craft. My favourite thing to do for some me-time is to chill out in my craft room and be creative. I find this is an excellent way to unwind at the end of the day and it is also productive. 

Which machine(s) do you have and what do you love to make the most with your machine?

I have a Cricut Joy, Cricut Explore 3, EasyPress 2 & the EasyPress Mini . All are excellent on their own but together, they are a brilliant combination that allows me to create almost anything I wish to.

I love the Joy & Explore 3 so much and I think they are a good compliment to each other. I love making cards on the Joy as it is so quick and easy, and I love using the Explore 3 for cutting vinyl and making labels.

What is your favourite project you have ever made with your Cricut machine?

I have already created all my Christmas cards for this Christmas and they are beautiful but they were so quick and easy to make using the Joy.

I love being organised and have labeled almost everything! It’s so handy especially in the playroom as it’s easy to find certain toys and it makes tidy up even quicker.

My favourite project so far has been the feature wall in our foster nursery. I chose a night sky theme and the words, “When you’re here you’re home”. My goal was to make the nursery neutral yet an inviting interesting place for young babies. 

You are in the process of becoming a foster carer which is amazing! What’s it like on a day-to-day basis?

We are in the final stages of being approved to become a foster family. Currently, our day-to-day is a lot of meetings, assessments and training, I have used my machines to label and organise all our training material as well as all our application and assessment paperwork.

I used my Cricut Explore 3 to make a special milestone blanket for our future foster babies.

I found that the only blankets available to purchase were standard age milestones so I created a special blanket with, “Time with the Coffeys” as an option along with, “Today I am”. This is something unique and special that will help us capture not only any foster baby’s milestones but their milestones as a member of our family too.

Cricut in the community

Cricut can help with all kinds of projects and ideas. Lisa’s beautiful baby milestone blanket is a great example of how personalisation can create something thoughtful and special whether it’s for you, your family, or your friends.

We love to hear the voices of our Cricut community and love to see all the makes you create. Make sure to tag Cricut_UK on social media, we may share your project on a story or even feature you on our blog or social feed!