Introducing the Cricut Crew

7 April 2021

We know that it can be a little bit daunting when you first embark on your adventure with Cricut. From choosing which machine to buy, getting started with Design Space, to learning how to cut with each new material, which is why we’re introducing the Cricut Crew.

The Cricut Crew are a group of kind, supportive and creative people who have a big love for Cricut. They’ll be hosting virtual workshops to help you make your first steps in learning something new with Cricut.

The first workshop to kick off is an introduction to Cricut Design Space for beginners with an Explore or Maker machine. Other workshops coming soon in May.

Meet the Crew

Fi: Fi is our Cricut Crew Coordinator. She helps organise our Crew, deals with customer bookings and makes sure everything runs smoothly. She is a Cricut mega-fan! Her favourite material is Vinyl and her passion is making customised wares from her home studio.

Kristal: Kristal’s sparkling personality will glow as she teaches you! Unsurprisingly, her favourite material is Glitter Iron-On, which she often uses to create beautiful, sparkly accessories for her business

Paula: Paula is a born crafter, spending every spare minute making. She particularly enjoys working with Vinyl, Fabrics, Infusible Ink and Card. Her enthusiasm for Cricut will shine through in your workshop!

Rabia: Rabia is such a talented creative, and knows so much about Cricut! Her favourite materials are Card and Vinyl but she’s always learning so makes the most wonderful teacher. She’ll share useful tips to make your journey with Cricut even smoother.

Rebecca: Rebecca will immediately make you feel relaxed with her calm and mega-friendly style. She is incredible at making the most creative projects using Card and Infusible Ink, and is a pro at turning basic shapes into beautiful designs.

Sophia: Sophia is also a superstar primary teacher when she’s not crafting, so has a seemingly never-ending pool of ideas for child-friendly projects, along with an amazing teaching style. She loves working with Vinyl, Iron-On and Infusible Ink

Zoe: Zoe has been teaching Cricut workshops for a couple of years, so she really knows her stuff! Her favourite materials are Vinyl, Iron-On and Fabric. Zoe teaches children how to sew in her own business; she’s particularly patient and attentive.

Book your workshop


How do I book onto a workshop?

You can book by visiting our Events page

How long do the workshops last?

Our beginner workshops usually last 1 hour but the length will be included on the EventBrite booking page so be sure to check this.

How many people will be on the workshop?

We want you to get the most out of your workshop and have hands-on time with your host so workshops will have between 2-6 participants

How much is it to attend a workshop?

Our workshops are £10

Are there other workshops coming soon?

We will be launching additional workshops that cover all machines, materials and levels of experience.