How to create an organised home – Aisha from Hobbycraft shares her top tips

30 April 2021

Do you dream of an organised home? We caught up with one super-organised Cricut fan to share her top tips for staying organised at home.

Hobbycraft fans or followers may recognise Aisha from her posts, tutorials and inspiration on the Hobbycraft ideas blog and social media channels.

Aisha combines her passion for crafting with her job at Hobbycraft. She loves to inspire others to do more with their Cricut machines. Here, she tells us how she stays organised at home.

How do you keep your home tidy? Are there 3-5 things you are most proud of?

As much as possible I try to tidy as I go, so after I finish a task I’ll tidy up afterwards. Although this can sometimes be easier said than done, especially when I get carried away crafting or doing a home DIY project.

We’ve also had to think out of the box a little bit when it comes to storage options. Our house is a 1920’s semi and there are no straight walls and a lot of unusual nooks and crannies. That’s why finding something that’s right can take a bit longer. The reward of finding ‘the one’ and achieving a tidy, organised space is so good though! 

The one room in our house that I’m most proud of is our kitchen, we renovated it a couple of years back. We took it right back to bare brick wall. Before, it was a dark space, with lots of cupboards and not enough storag. Now it’s light, bright and airy, and we’ve been able to re-jig things slightly to include a larder – a dream come true for me.

In here we keep all of our food, and it’s worked out so much better than having everything crammed into numerous cupboards as you can see what you’ve got at a glance. We’re also able to keep the treats well hidden from our forever hungry dogs!

Why is it important to you to keep the home tidy? 

For me, a tidy home not only makes me super-productive, but it also helps massively with my mental health.

Days where I’ve let the washing pile up or have a mountain of craft supplies all over my desk in the craft room, are the days I find my mood is at its lowest. This tends to have a knock-on effect in other areas of my life. Keeping everything tidy also means I save a whole lot of time not having to hunt high and low for things.

How do you use your Cricut machine to keep tidy and organised?

I have the Cricut Maker which I’ve been using a lot in the past year to get our larder super-organised.

We try to buy as much food as possible out of packaging. This means we have a lot of dry ingredients that need better storage. We invested in lots of jars and created labels for them all. When you have six different types of rice, a label is definitely needed!

All of the labels were created in the Cricut Design Space app and cut from black removable vinyl. If we ever wanted to use the jars for other ingredients the labels could easily be changed without ruining the jar.

Labelling has become somewhat of an addiction – I’ve even labelled containers in the fridge!

Do you have any tips and tricks for people to try? 

Take your time – especially when it comes to designing anything for your home. Make sure you explore all of the fonts (or images) in the Design Space app to make sure you’ve got everything 100% as you want it.

I usually cut out one label as a test, place it on the item and then leave it for a few days. I then go back to it before making my final decision. I’m incredibly indecisive so this can take a while!

Repurposing – as a result of working on our house, we’ve found that it pays to do your research and explore different options especially when it comes to finding storage solutions.

For instance, plant pots make great pen and utensil pots. Clear jars are ideal for storing washi tapes and ribbons. And kitchen trollies are perfect for housing all your craft essentials.

If you live in a house that’s a little quirky like ours, sometimes it’s worth investing in bespoke storage options. Having something made that works for you and your space doesn’t need to be expensive, but it makes a huge difference in the end.

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