Alternative Easter Gift

26 March 2021

If you are looking for the perfect alternative Easter gift, look no further. This personalised, huggable gift is the perfect alternative to chocolate eggs and is sure to be cherished.

It’s really simple to create a bespoke gift by adding iron-on vinyl (sometimes known as HTV) to this cuddly rabbit’s ears and paws. Let us show you how.

You will need

Step 1

In Cricut Design Space search for the images you want and add them to the Canvas.  We chose image reference #M25DBF9A0 for the stars and moons and #MB672649 for the sentiment. You can choose whatever images you want. Why not type the name or initials of the person you’re making the gift for?

Use the ‘Duplicate’ Tool until you have as many images as you want. Also update the colours and resize all images to fit onto the ears and paws of your soft toy. 

Step 2

Click ‘Make It’ and make sure to mirror your images. Then, choose Patterned Iron-On from the materials list. If you click ‘Browse All Materials’ you will be able to search for the exact material.  

Step 3

Place a sheet of the iron-on material, patterned side down, onto the mat. Ensure that it is securely fixed to the mat. A brayer or applicator can help here. Then load it into the machine and start cutting. 

Step 4

Once cut use your weeding tool to weed away the excess iron-on. Leave only your images stuck to the carrier sheet. Carefully cut up the carrier sheet, so that all of the images are individual pieces that will fit on to the paws and ears of your soft toy. 

Step 5

Place the cut images onto the bunny, the carrier sheet is slightly adhesive so will stay in place. Cover with a sheet of baking parchment to protect the fibres of the toy.

Use the EasyPress Mini to press each image onto the soft toy. Refer to the Cricut Heat Guide for the exact temperature, time, and application method for your chosen materials. We used the second heat setting, applying heat for 25 seconds, keeping the EasyPress Mini moving at all times.

Step 6

Once cooled, simply remove the clear plastic carrier sheet to reveal your customised fury friend – the perfect alternative Easter gift.