6 things you didn’t know you could do in Design Space

29 April 2021

Hands up if you knew all of these handy tips for working in Cricut Design Space?

Even the most adventurous and expert Cricut machine-owners love to learn a new trick. Take a look at our round-up of things you might not know about Design Space….*spolier* there are some game-changers in here!

Camera Tool

In the mobile and tablet app versions of Design Space there is a visualiser tool, located using the camera icon. This means you can see what your image will look like on your finished project.

To use the camera tool. select the camera icon from the menu at the bottom of the app. Hold your phone or device in front of your blank and you’ll see what your finished design could look like.

This is handy for picking complementary colours and seeing what it’s going to look like before you cut. Beware though, this won’t size your project as that depends on how far away you hold your device from your blank.

How to find the name of an image or font and choose more like it

When you’ve found an image you love and want to discover more in the same style, you can view the image set that the image belongs to.

In the desktop app, left-click, or highlight the image in the layers panel, then head to image info. Select the layer and click the ‘i’ if you’re in the mobile app. This will give you the name of the image and the image set that it belongs in.  You can click through directly to the image set from here too.

This also works to find out the name of fonts that have been welded together! Now, how many times have you welded a font and then forgotten which font you used?! We’ve all done it!

Move elements onto a different mat 

Did you know that you can move items between mats on the mat screen?

In the ‘Make it’ screen, simply click the three dots next to an image then move to a different mat. 

You’ll then be able to choose which mat to move the element to or be able to create a brand-new mat!

Change the colour of multiple elements at once

The Color Sync tool allows you to change the colour of multiple pieces on the canvas in a single click. It lives in the layers panel on the desktop app or in the bottom toolbar of the mobile app. It allows you to simply drag and drop a group of elements into another group of different coloured elements, this will make them all the same colour.

Another handy tip for working with colours is the ‘material colours’ listed in your options when selecting from the colour menu. You will always see colours already included within images on your canvas first, before the additional pre–set colorus or advanced options.

Score with Cricut Joy

Want to score with Cricut Joy? You may think this is impossible since there is no compatible scoring tool for Cricut Joy. However, the clever Design Space software knows this, so when you add a line from the shapes panel, it will create a dashed line instead.

You can also add Dash Border Line #M85AD039 from the image library and set the operation to ‘basic cut’. 

This will cut a dashed cut line on your project, which you can then use as a guide to create a lovely clean fold!

Organise which mat will cut first in a project

If you want to organise which parts of your project will cut first this simple trick will keep you in check.

Colour your project in rainbow order; it’s as simple as that!

Design Space will always work through the mats in a rainbow gradient starting with white, then black before working through the rainbow.

So, if you colour the elements you would like to cut first in white, that mat will be ready to cut first!

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