29 June 2020
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We recently moved into a new house. While my husband and I have similar tastes in most things, I like to take risks when it comes to home decor. He supports my crazy ideas, most of the time, but often with some hesitation.

The good news is that my office is my space, my place to do whatever I want, and believe me, I have big plans. Hanging chair? Why not!? Mantel turned shelving focal point? Heck, yes!

I’ve been loving the wallpaper trend, but because I change my mind so often, I wanted the look of wallpaper without the commitment. Enter removable vinyl! I decided to make my own wallpaper design with vinyl decals because it wasn’t only cheaper, but I’d be able to change it at a moment’s notice. Follow along with me below, or skip to the video tutorial.

*Make sure all of your vinyl is the same color/sheen. For my project, I ended up using four rolls of removable navy blue vinyl for my wall, which measures about 48” x 56”.

Free “Floral Accent Wall” design files

Feel free to use my adjusted design on Design Space for your project. If you don’t have a Cricut machine, here’s a free SVG file that you can resize, print, and use as a template.

DIY floral wallpaper video tutorial

Here’s a video tutorial so you can follow along as I make my DIY removable vinyl floral wallpaper.

I am in love! What do you think? Would you do something like this in your home?

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