Be the MVP of your big game party

7 February 2024

Score big with custom football party decor and personalized sports apparel

POV: You are hosting the ultimate watch party for the biggest football game of the year

With Cricut, you can create and customize invitations, decorations and attire. Elevate your snack table, craft eye-catching banners, and make custom jerseys inspired by your favorite team’s colors and players.

Snack stadium

The food is the main event of any party. Create labels for each snack compartment using football-themed letters and images. From “End Zone Empanadas” to “Field Goal Fries,” your snack stadium will be a highlight of the party.


Transform your space into the ultimate fan zone with DIY decorations. Create football banners and pennants using colored paper and vinyl inspired by your team. With iron-on vinyl, make custom flags featuring team names and slogans and wave them with pride!

Party games

It’s not a party without games and entertainment! Cornhole is a classic and should be included in your party game plan. Take ordinary cornhole boards to the next level by adding a football flair.

Jerseys and apparel

Rep your team! Encourage your guests to come decked out in their favorite team’s gear. Take it a step further with custom-made shirts, jerseys and even hats using iron-on vinyl.

Whether you’re cheering for the home team or hosting fans of both sides, these custom party decorations are fit to support any team and any theme. With Cricut as your party planning MVP, hosting the big game party is sure to be a touchdown!