3 unique ways to wrap holiday gifts (that aren’t wrapping paper)

18 December 2023

The holidays are here and we are in prime gift-giving season! If you’re looking for unique ways to wrap your gifts this year (that don’t include wrapping paper), here are 3 methods that look effortlessly beautiful, and the wrapping material can be reused over and over again.

Unique gift wrapping ideas with Cricut

For these gift wrap methods, I will be using primarily fabric. I love the look and feel of it, and the recipient can reuse this material either by repurposing the fabric for something else, or use it again to wrap a present for a future gift recipient. I have also gathered some ribbon, Cricut Iron-On in different textures/finishes, and cardstock for gift tags.

Using Cricut materials to make fabric gift wrap

Fabric gift bag

If you’re attending any holiday functions this season, it’s always a good idea to bring a gift for the host! One popular choice is bringing a bottle of wine. You can also bring a non-alcoholic beverage, or a fancy bottle of olive oil, if it suits their taste better. Rather than using a store-bought paper bag, I opted to make my own fabric wine bag with this ‘Let’s Get Jolly’ design and a Cricut Wine Bag blank.

I used mixed materials to make this project: red foil iron-on for the text, gold glitter iron-on for the sparkles, and a cardstock gift tag that was written in pen and cut out with my Cricut Maker 3. I tied a piece of twine to the neck of the bottle to attach the tag. Now, this bottle of wine is ready for gifting!

Wine bag holiday host gift

Wrapping with fabric

If you’re gifting an oddly shaped item, wrapping paper may not be the easiest to handle. I definitely don’t have the best gift wrapping skills to handle the curves of this item! When I have this dilemma, my favorite way to wrap a gift is using a piece of fabric and some ribbon!

I used this gorgeous gauzy green material (it was actually an old table runner) to wrap a cup and saucer. I placed the item in the middle of the fabric, then I gathered all the corners and tied it together with this sage green ribbon. To add that finishing touch, I used my Cricut Maker 3 to cut out a gift tag using this sparkly silver glitter cardstock.

This is a wonderful alternative to wrapping paper. I think it looks effortlessly beautiful, and it was quick and easy to wrap!

Wrapping gifts with fabric and ribbon


This style of wrapping with fabric is called Furoshiki, a traditional method from Japan. It is customarily used to wrap and transport goods. This wrapping works best on items with straight edges, such as a box.

Taking a square piece of remnant fabric from a previous project, I added a winter design using silver glitter iron-on. I cut snowflakes of various sizes and arranged them to my liking, using the EasyPress Mini to adhere them.

Snowflake fabric pattern with Cricut

To wrap the item, place it directly in the center of the fabric, aligned diagonally. To be sure the item was placed in the exact center, gather up two opposite corners and confirm they line up evenly.

Once you have properly centered and aligned the item, start by bringing two opposite corners together. Tuck the edges in tightly and neatly in the form of the item. Next, gather the two remaining corners of fabric and bring it up, tying a secure knot on top.

Once the top knot is completed, it is much easier to fix and adjust the knot and the wrapping to your liking.

I hope you enjoyed these unique ways to wrap your holiday presents this season. Which method was your favorite? If you recreate any of these gift-wrapping techniques, share it with us on social using @cricut and #cricut. Happy holidays!