Make your season quintessentially Australian!

5 December 2023

Aussie native themed DIY projects to delight family and friends and make for a personal and very memorable Christmas.

The holiday season is upon us and it’s the perfect time to make your season extra magical! Embrace a green and gold Christmas with Aussie native inspired ‘snowflake’ designs, custom decor and tablescape inspiration.

Start creating with these inspiring Australian Native Christmas projects!

Aussie Wreath Dinner Plate Design

Make your Christmas tablescape with customised decals with an Aussie native twist!

For a temporary decorative tablescape, use removable vinyl, or if you want to use these plates for eating use permanent, and a non toxic sealant like mod podge to make them food safe.

Create your own in Design Space here!

Aussie Native Snowflakes

An Aussie twist on the northern hemisphere snowflake, these exquisite native snowflakes are the perfect addition for authentically Aussie Christmas decorations. Whether you add them to the tree as ornaments, use them as table decorations, or scatter them around the house, they are sure to bring festive cheer.

Make your own in Design Space here!

Native Sprig Design

Create native decorations to make an enviable festive Aussie Christmas tablescape! Make your chargers, napkins and glassware match your theme with the most delightful native gum wattle sprigs

Check out the project on Design Space here!

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