What Cricut machine to get your mum for Mother’s Day

28 April 2023

Mother’s Day makes me think of sunny brunches with the family. Showing appreciation for the mother figures in your life is important, and gifts are a great way to express your love to them.

Cricut offers so many products that can be gifted to any type of mum wanting to get crafty. We know that embarking on a new crafting journey can be overwhelming, so we’ve assembled this guide to help you decide just what Cricut machine is best for your mum this Mother’s Day.

The DIY Mum

If your mum is the type to take projects into her own hands, the Cricut Maker 3 may be the machine for her. It is a versatile cutting machine that can also score, write, deboss, engrave, and more. This powerful crafting machine is compatible with over 300 types of materials, and is the ultimate DIYer’s dream. Because, as we all know, a strong crafter deserves a strong machine.

The Organisation Lover

Keeping an orderly space is a top priority for those that love when things have a place. The good news is that organisation is made easier and more efficient with Cricut. Cricut Explore 3 is an organisation lover’s solution for the endless possibilities of labels and tags. Whether they need to make personalised greeting cards, home or office décor, or customised shirts to outfit your team, you’ll be ready to tackle every creative task that comes their way.

The On-the-Go Mum

Mums lead busy lives, and sometimes, there isn’t a moment to stop and create complex projects. For mums on the go, a Cricut Joy or a Cricut Explore Air 2 are wonderful options. Cricut Joy is a beginner-friendly, small-project machine that anyone can use. And if your mum wants more efficiency, the Cricut Explore Air 2 has a Fast Mode feature to create custom shirts to big banners in record time.

The New Crafter

Everyone has to start somewhere, and if you know your mum is looking for a new creative activity, this small-but-mighty machine will be her new BFF. Cricut Joy is a compatible machine built for a wide selection of small projects. The machine does not require a ton of space or experience to create beautiful projects.

The Professional

Some mums turn their hobbies into a business, and those mums may just love a Cricut Maker. A Cricut Maker is one of the strongest Cricut machines, creating unique projects in rapid time. Cricut Maker offers commercial-grade performance right at home, which your mum is sure to love! This machine will give her the freedom to make virtually any DIY project she can imagine, from paper crafts to custom apparel to wood signs.

Mother’s Day is about more than gifts, but everyone can appreciate a little something special. Whether you’re creating solo or together, Cricut is designed to help you and your loved ones get creative.

Check out our Cricut Machine Comparison Chart to help you make your choice!