Make all your back-to-school gear with Cricut printables and vinyl!

22 January 2024

Licensed Emma Memma characters in Cricut Design Space

Looking to start this year with the cutest back to school kit ever? We’ve got you covered with everything from personalised first day boards, to lunch box decals, book labels, custom clothes tags and more. Brighten up your back to school essentials with these customisable projects sure to have the kids excited for their first day and beyond!

Make your back to school gear twirl-tastic with our favourite entertainer Emma Memma and friends’ or our fave baker Tigga Mac has cupcakes and sprinkles galore. Even better, as Emma Memma is a Contributing Artist every use of an Emma Memma image in Cricut Design Space results in a donation through Cricut Access to not-for-profit, Deaf Connect.  

These projects have been specially curated to make it easier than ever to get inspired. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get making!

Twirl into the school year with Emma Memma and friends!

Emma Memma is taking note! Custom Book Labels

Take note of these customisable Emma Memma book labels! Perfect for every subject, make your own using Cricut Printable Sticker Paper that will have kids twirling with excitement to start learning!

Create your own Emma Memma book labels in Design Space here!

Emma Memma personalised iron on decals

Personalise your kids backpack, t-shirts, lunch bag, hats, socks and more with these sweet Emma Memma watercolour custom name labels. Make these Emma Memma name labels using Cricut Printable Iron On that can be used on clothes, pencil cases, bags, lunch bags, and more!

Create your own in Design Space here!

We’re sticking with Emma Memma! Waterproof Sticker Set

Do you love Emma Memma? Create your own Emma Memma Waterproof Sticker Set to decorate your water bottle and lunchbox and anything else your heart desires using Cricut Waterproof Sticker Set
Make your own in Design Space here!

Sprinkle some fun with Tigga Mac inspired designs!

Get back to school ready by sprinkling Tigga Mac inspired custom stickers, decals and labels on your gear! From water bottles, lunchboxes, to highlighters, pencil cases, and books, make everything delectable using the Cricut Printable Sticker Paper, Waterproof Sticker Paper and Printable Iron On! Back to school has never looked so sweet, it’s sure to be the cherry on top!

Check it out in Design Space here!

Lunch on trend!

Create a back to school set that will make your kid the envy of all their friends! Whether they are sports centric, animal obsessed, or anything in between, suit their style with a personalised lunchbox set! Create a retro-revival lunch pack using a Decor set, including brightly coloured water bottle, bento box, food flask and cooler, available at Big W!

Create your own in Design Space here!

Out of this World! Personalised ‘First Day’ Projects

Get your kids suited up and ready for take off on their first day of school! Make memories with a personalised ‘First Day’ board and school set that is out of this world! Shoot for the stars with these cute printable space designs using Cricut Printable Iron On (dark fabric), Cricut Waterproof Sticker Set (white) and Cricut Smart Vinyl (white).

Create your own in Design Space here!

First Day of Primary School Kit

Check out these adorable curated Cricut Design Space school stickers, library bag decal and personalised chalkboard!

Check out Design Space here to create your own!

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