3 May 2021
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Applique is an easy way to create colorful and intricate designs with fabric without having to fuss with precise seam allowances, points, or teeny pieces.

Traditionally applique involves tracing, hand cutting each shape out of fabric and fusible material, placing, and stitching. With the Cricut Maker, you cut down the steps by at least half.  

An added bonus to creating the Cricut applique projects is that we have designed them to incorporate iron-on elements to easily add beautiful details. 

Here’s the list of materials you’ll need for the Mexico applique *block.

That’s it! Wasn’t that easy? Now you have a beautiful block that you can make into a pillow sham, combine with other blocks for an heirloom wall hanging, table runner, or quilt!  

Check Design Space for the rest of the heirloom floral applique blocks in this series, released monthly, and check the blog for some project ideas including the quilted pillow sham and quilt! 

A fabric applique.

*The fabric requirements listed above are only for the single block. If you are planning on creating the full quilt, we recommend planning on a minimum of 1/3 yd of each color plus 3 yds of the white, ½ yd of the navy (just for the quilt top) plus 3 yds for the backing, and preferred batting so that all of the blocks work together.