Trendy Valentine’s Day crafts to make

6 February 2024

We love love, and here at Cricut, that love comes in the shape of handmade crafts. Truly, the sweetest things in life are the ones made with care. This Valentine’s Day we’re challenging ourselves, and all of you readers, to get extra crafty and share some love through your Cricut creations. 

If you’ve spent some time on social media lately, you may have noticed the most popular Valentine’s vibe right now feels slightly vintage. We’ve seen a contemporary take on the Valentine’s designs of decades past, and we’re here for it. The old-school decor in stores can get pricey too, so being able to make it at home is even more gratifying. Here are some of our favorite crafts—and Valentine’s puns—for a charming Valentine’s Day.

Gift tags

One easy way to spice up your Valentine’s gifts is with a kiss. No, we don’t mean an actual kiss, just these cute gift tags. This is a quick cardstock project with hundreds of options in Cricut Design Space. Whether you paste it right onto the gift or string it on with a ribbon, this tag will help romanticize your presents. 

Stamp Valentine cards

Valentine Love #M505A3EDF

Sending a Valentine has never been easier than with a card shaped like a stamp. We’ve seen tons of stamps from far and wide make their way into popular decor, and with Cricut, you can make a faux stamp any size you desire. Leaning into the Valentine’s Day traditions, we thought a stamp-inspired Valentine’s card for your special someone would send the right message. 

Paper doilies

In a shocking twist, the ornate doily design has come back—if it ever really left. This craft is fun and hands-on, perfect for a Valentine’s celebration activity. Use any pastel paper or cardstock, as well as one of the many projects or images available in Design Space, to create bases for decorative doilies. Use your Cricut-made stickers and other crafting materials, such as lace trim, beads, and paint, to personalize your doily. Place them on a coffee table or hang them on the walls when complete! 

Valentine’s ribbon

Heart Border #M3B8AC

Cricut logo

This final DIY is a simple way to add color to gifts, glasses, clothes, and anything else you can tie a bow around. Using materials you may already have around the house, this Valentine’s Ribbon project is an adorable touch to any of your ribbon needs. 

Using Cricut to spread love is all that we could hope for. This Valentine’s Day seems like the perfect time. Projects can be big or small, but they’re special all the same. Create your favorite Valentine’s Day crafts with Cricut, and show us how you do! Tag us on Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok using #cricut.