15 personalized school supplies your kids need this year

18 August 2020

The new school year is nearly upon us! My mom is a teacher and we often talk about the new challenges she and her students will be facing this school year. Of course, the main concern on everyone’s mind is how to stay safe and heathy. 

One of the things my mom found effective was how personalizing your children’s belongings with a Cricut® machine can help keep them from getting mixed up with others. It’s easy, too! So, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite personalization projects that are not only fun, but also functional for the back-to-school season below.

1. Water bottle

With many schools discouraging the use of water fountains a personalized water bottle is the perfect solution!

Personalized water bottles using a Cricut machine

2. Backpack

Get your kiddos excited for the new school year by getting them involved in personalizing their backpacks.

Personalized backpack using a Cricut machine

3. Pencil pouch

Keep everyone’s supplies separate with a personalized pencil pouch.

Personalized pencil pouches using a Cricut machine

4. Face mask

Help your children keep track of their mask with a simple iron-on decal of their name or favorite animal!

Personalized face masks using a Cricut machine and Cricut Iron-On

5. Mask holder

Turn a $1 earbud pouch from the dollar store into the perfect, personalized mask holder!

Personalized face mask holders with Cricut

6. Monogrammed pens

Never wonder which pen is yours again!

Monogrammed pens created with a Cricut machine

7. Lunchbox

Make grabbing the right lunch easy with a little iron-on.

Personalized lunch box for kids using a Cricut machine

8. Bookmark

Nothing like a fresh, new, and personalized bookmark to start the school year off right.

Custom made bookmark using a Cricut machine

9. Folder or binder

Add fun monograms, designs, and quotes to all of their binders, folders, and notebooks.

Personalized folders and binders using a Cricut machine

10. School-at-home cart

Get your dining room table back by giving your kids a cart to hold all of their school supplies.

Personalized school-at-home cart using a Cricut machine and vinyl

11. Clipboard

Make getting homework done anywhere easy with a fun clipboard!

Personalized clipboard using a Cricut machine

12. Personalized mask lanyard

The best way for your kids to keep their masks on them when they aren’t actively using them! Perfect for lunch or grabbing a sip of water.

Personalized mask lanyard using a Cricut machine

13. Back-to-school shirt

Is it even the first day of school if you don’t have a fun shirt that says so?

graduating class of tees using Cricut Infusible Ink

14. Phone case or calculator

Personalize their phone case or calculator to keep any accidental mix-ups from happening.

Personalized phone case design using a Cricut machine

15. Stickers for everything else!

Send a sheet of personalized print then cut stickers to school with your kids so that they can quickly and easily label anything they may get from their teacher or the school that doesn’t come home.

Back-to-school stickers with Cricut