Inspired to make: 5 Black creators & entrepreneurs share their stories

18 June 2021

Meet 5 Black creators and entrepreneurs turning their artistic enthusiasm into a business.

We’re always blown away by the talent and creativity expressed by our community, and the work created by these spotlighted members is no exception.  As members of our Cricut community, these featured Black creators have a passion for making and are seeing that passion pay off as they take their expertise and experience to new heights.  

We asked each of these Cricut superstars to share more about their backgrounds and shed light on any advice they’d pass along to other makers looking to take the leap into selling crafts. We’ve published their insights below as well as their primary content creation channels– we hope you continue to follow them through their journey as a source of creative motivation and expertise! 

Black creators you should know

Breegan Jane

Designer, entrepreneur, lifestyle expert and philanthropist 

Instagram: @breeganjane

I think I’ve always been a creative person. I can vividly remember being in high school and designing (and selling!) backpacks for other kids in the middle of the night in my room. I had run out of canvas for painting, but my backpack was available. When the other kids saw my creations, they wanted one, too! I also owned my own clothing store at 19, and I would spend hours working on the window displays. The signs were always there, but when I bought and developed my first property, there was no turning back! I knew interior design was what I was meant to pursue.

I’m inspired by so many things! Having a spirit that naturally bends toward the creative makes it practically impossible to ignore the urge to conceive creative ideas, construct and produce. I love that my career allows me to infuse the world and everyday spaces with beauty, but also to improve and enhance their existing functions. I never tire of the opportunity to transform something ordinary into the spectacular. I use my creative eye to show others how to see what could be instead of simply what is.

The best advice is to just begin. We’re all put here for a purpose. If you have a gift to share, by all means, do! Develop a plan and don’t forsake teamwork. Just as we have our talents, others have differing ones that could be beneficial to bringing your dreams and goals to fruition. Nothing gets accomplished without a lot of hard work and resilience; don’t be afraid of mistakes that will inevitably happen along the way. Use them as lessons that catapult you to the next step!

Keyma Morgan

Passionate lifestyle content creator and brand owner

Instagram: @styleweekender

I’m a full-time content creator and I cover fashion, beauty, travel, decor, self-care. I’ve always had a passion for making and creating. I grew up among seamstresses. My grandmother was an excellent seamstress, and she would give me scraps of cloth to make stuff for myself and my dolls. In school, I loved being a part of groups and clubs that encouraged creating on all levels. I loved turning things into something new or surprising myself with an idea. I knew I wanted to become a full-time creative when my creative work made me feel extreme happiness compared to my other job. I had to give myself a chance because I didn’t want to live with regret. So far, it’s been amazing.

I love seeing how the community of DIYers and creators come up with amazing ideas. It really inspires me. I love that I can feed off the energy of my peers and I love collaborating and sharing ideas. There are times when I’m uninspired or tired and seeing an amazing project come to life by a peer makes me so happy and I will literally get the energy to do something fun.

It’s cliché, but I’d say follow your heart and what feels so right when you’re creating (even if it’s not popular). There’s a community for everyone and someone will love your work, service, or product. Do it for the fun of it and it will turn into something amazing beyond your wildest dreams.

Meleah Campbell

Teacher, author, influencer, and education consultant

Instagram: @ms.campbell.teach

I discovered my passion for making when I became a teacher. I’ve always loved being creative as a child and when I became a teacher, it took my creativity to the next level. I love personalizing items for my students, creating gifts for my teacher friends, and creating useful items I can use within my classroom.

Creating joyous moments for my students inspires me to continue to make and create. One of the goals as a teacher is to create a joyous learning environment and being creative is essential in meeting this goal. Creating is also my hobby in which I find to be very therapeutic and enjoyable. 

Sharing your creative ideas and talents is so awesome, because you might be inspiring other people to tap into their creative side. I always find it amazing to hear all the teachers that tell me that they created something for their classroom because of something that I shared. To be able to do what you love while inspiring other people is a gift, so I encourage people to share their gift with the world. 

MoNique Waters

Teacher, content creator

Instagram: @itsmoniquesworld

I have taught kindergarten for 7 years and it is truly a passion of mine. My passion for making and being creative started at an early age. I remember how excited I would get when I had a school project. I would get started right away and head to the craft store to make my project come to life in the most creative way.

Now as a teacher I enjoy creating for my students, they inspire me the most. My students’ imagination and love for learning motivate me to create to make their experience at school amazing. I encourage anyone who is considering the idea of sharing their creativity with others to just go for it. Your ideas can truly make a difference in someone’s life!

Timisha Porcher

Experienced handy-woman and DIYer

Instagram: @toolboxdivas

I love crafting and making things – I’m the founder of ToolBox Divas, a blog that exists to empower others one DIY project at a time. I make easy-to-understand videos and photo tutorials that prove that even the most complicated home improvement tasks and crafts can be demystified and conquered.

I discovered by passion for making when I was 10 years old, helping my grandmother during the summer at a senior facility. I assisted other members as we all made crafts and small projects. I actually work a full-time job as a budget analyst within the healthcare/government sector, but I love putting on my creative hat in the afternoons and on the weekends!

My family, especially my little girl, inspire me to make– I want to be a role model for her. My advice for anyone looking to take their creative outlet to the next level is to take it one day at a time. Nothing happens overnight. If it’s your passion and you love it, it won’t feel like a job.