5 tips for Cricut newbies

30 March 2023 by Geraldine Tan

Thinking about buying a Cricut machine, or just got yours and can’t wait to get started? You’re in for a treat! Cricut machines are the ultimate tools that allow you to unleash your creativity and get you from idea to “I-did-it.” Whether you’re into scrapbooking, card making, stickers and decals, custom apparel, or any other type of DIY project, a Cricut machine is a must-have in your creative arsenal. Check out these 5 tips for beginners to get started with Cricut.

Need help selecting the right machine for you? Check out our Cricut machine comparison chart to help you make your decision!

Get to know your machine

Before you start cutting and creating, take some time to get to know your Cricut machine. To learn from the pros, visit Cricut Learn for easy-to-follow guides and live workshops that can take you step-by-step through the machine’s capabilities so that you can build the skills you need to create with confidence. Perfect for Cricut newbies!

Cricut Learn on laptop

Start with the basics

Once you’ve familiarized yourself with your Cricut machine, start with simple projects that will help you get the hang of things. Try cutting out some simple shapes or letters, or create a fun vinyl decal. These basic projects will help you get used to the machine and gain confidence in your crafting skills.

I like to start with name decals — just type out a name, select a font style you like, choose your favorite color or patterned vinyl and follow the prompts in Design Space and your machine. You can place your name just about anywhere — like a phone, laptop, or tumbler — letting you learn more with minimal time investment.

Explore Cricut Design Space

Cricut Design Space is where the magic happens. Browse ready-to-make projects, experiment with images and fonts, design from scratch, or use tools like Monogram Maker. Once you’re ready to cut, the software connects to your machine so that you can select your materials and click “Make It.” Feel free to experiment with the different tools and features – there’s so much you can do with this amazing software. You’ll go from idea to “I-did-it” in no time.

Invest in quality materials

When it comes to crafting with your Cricut machine, the materials you use can make all the difference. Invest in high-quality cardstock, vinyl, and transfer tape to ensure your projects come out looking professional and polished. Cricut offers a wide variety of materials, from vinyl and iron-on, to paper and cardstock, to aluminum and softwood. Visit the Cricut Shop online.

Join the Cricut community

Finally, take part in the Cricut conversation online! There are countless other Cricut enthusiasts out there who are always eager to share tips, ideas, and inspiration. Join Cricut Club Singapore + Malaysia, follow Cricut on social, and connect with other Cricut makers to learn from their experiences and get ideas for your next projects. From beginners to advanced makers, all are welcome to join!

Hopefully these tips have given you a good starting point and some inspiration to get started with making. Remember to take things slow and have fun – after all, crafting should be a fun and enjoyable experience. Happy crafting, Cricut newbies!