11 ways to tame your kids’ rooms

30 November 2022 by Geraldine Tan

Looking for creative ways to add some fun to your kid’s room without stocking up on more toys? Check out these 11 kids’ room crafts that you can make with a Cricut machine, from elephant hangers to DIY wallpaper!

1. Elephant hangers

Chipboard can make some adorable custom baby clothes hangers.

Find this Elephant Baby Clothes Hangers project in Design Space.

2. Kids’ wood blocks

Help your child’s imagination blossom with a set of these adorable wood blocks and an accompanying storage bag. 

Find this Kids’ Wood Blocks project in Design Space.

3. Dresser with vines

Want to add some personality to your furniture? Turn your bedroom into a secret garden oasis by adding some beautiful custom vinyl decals. In no time at all these growing vines will transform your space!

Find this Dresser with Growing Vines project in Design Space.

4. Lion nightstand

Light up the darkest corners of a room with this adorable lion night light!

Find this Lion Night Light project in Design Space.

5. Octopus stencil dresser

Make this dresser into a golden sea treasure with this stencil, a paintbrush, and some gold leaf paint.

Find this Octopus Stencil Dresser project in Design Space.

6. Chipboard name wall decor

Add a chipboard name to the to add some personality to your kid’s space.

Find this Chipboard Name Wall Decor project in Design Space.

7. Big Dipper wall art

Repurpose an old clock with Christmas lights to create a one-of-a-kind piece.

Find this Big Dipper Wall Light project in Design Space.

8. Vinyl accent wall

Add a trendy accent wall to your bedroom with this vinyl pattern.

Find this Vinyl Accent Wall project in Design Space.

9. Playroom organizing pouches

Don’t lose any more pieces! Keep them safe in these darling pouches.

Find this Playroom Organizing Pouches project in Design Space.

10. Mamma and baby giraffe decor

This giraffe set is fun to make and easy to put together.

Find this Mama and Baby Giraffe project in Design Space.

11. Whale bath toy bag

This mesh bag carries all the necessities for a whale of a good time!

Find this Whale Net Bag project in Design Space.