15 ways to love your living room

14 December 2022 by Geraldine Tan

Whether you own your home or rent, Cricut machines add personal flair to any room. These 15 ways to craft for your living room can add some permanent or temporary customization, giving you the flexibility to decorate however and whenever you want.

1. Urban chic branches

“You made that?” Get ready to answer that question with these metallic branches in your living room. Add this great décor item to your space! The project file cuts 65 leaves and 84 circles to fill in the branches.

Find this Urban Chic Branches project in Design Space.

2. Geometric veneer mobile

Create an eye-catching mobile to hang in your living room. This project uses the Deep-Point Blade to cut natural wood veneer hexagons that you can assemble into a hanging mobile.

Find this Geometric Veneer Mobile project in Design Space.

3. Patterned side table

Bring some sophistication to your favorite furniture with vinyl intricately cut into doily patterns.

Find this Doily Side Table project in Design Space.

4. Botanical walls

You’ll always feel like you’re on vacation with this tropical leaf wall decor.

Find this Tropical Leaves Wall Decals project in Design Space.

5. Herringbone lamp

Deck out a classic lamp with metallic accents to create a beautiful design that will light up any room!

Find this Herringbone Lamp Shade project in Design Space.

6. Blanket basket

Now that it’s getting chilly out, it’s time to snuggle up! This project makes one phrase and two strands of leaf garland to create an adorable basket to store all your cozy blankets this season!

Find this Stay Warm Basket project in Design Space.

7. Candle wrap

This floral vinyl is an adorable addition to the plain candle sitting on your desk or bookcase.

Find this Candle Wrap project in Design Space.

8. Floating frames

Find this Palm Leaf Art project in Design Space.

9. Geometric terrarium

This is an easy way to change up the look of a simple glass terrarium or vase.

Find this Pentagon Vase in Design Space.

10. Trinket box

Add vintage in an instant using the Fine Debossing Tip and Aluminum Foil Tape.

Find this Jewelry Box Decor project in Design Space.

11. Trinket tray

Find this Trinket Tray project in Design Space.

12. Table décor balls

These textural décor balls can add visual interest in whatever color you need.

Find this Table Décor Balls project in Design Space.

13. Animal print pillows

These cute throw pillows give a whole new meaning to animal print!

Find this Elephant Pillow project in Design Space.

14. Beaded pillows

This beaded pillow uses contrasting textures for lush home decor.

Find this Beaded Botanical Pillow project in Design Space.

15. Meaningful pillows

Decorate your nursery or kids room with this popular line of a much loved children’s song.

Find this Bushel & Peck Pillow project in Design Space.