5 paper gifts to make for Valentine’s Day

21 February 2024 by Geraldine Tan

Express your love and creativity through personalized, handmade gifts! With your Cricut machine and a little inspiration, you can create heartfelt gifts for all the special ones in your life. Take a look at five of our favorite Valentine’s Day projects you can make using paper and cardstock.

Valentine’s Day card

Say love in a special way with this Love Hands Valentine’s Day card. Using your Cricut machine, cut out intricate heart hands 🫶 on red cardstock and layer them over your favorite patterned paper.

Heart-shaped gift boxes

Elevate your gift giving from plain gift boxes to festive 3D heart-shaped boxes. They could also be used as whimsical Valentine’s Day decorations to add a lovely touch to your home. Like this to be filled with some sweet treats for that special one or party favors for guests.

Not the traditional gift bag

Make adorable Valentine’s Day sleeves to fill with treats or small toys. These are also great gifts for kids to pass out to their friends. You’ll need cardstock, patterned paper and tissue paper. After assembling the cut paper into tubes, you’ll fill them with candy or small gifts and secure the ends with string.

Valentine’s Day mailbox

You’ve got mail! This charming pink valentine’s mailbox offers the perfect way to display or collect all of your kiddos’ valentine’s. This project is picture-perfect to make with your kids that will surely impress their classmates.

Heart garland

This garland is the ultimate confidence booster. This sweet heart rosette garland is perfect for adding a pop of color to your Valentine’s Day decor! Adding some lovely phrases or complements will surely make your special person blush and feel fluster.

Paper gifts can be convenient, affordable and gives you the ability to customize. Whether you’re looking to make personalized cards, gift boxes, or fun mailboxes for the kiddos, Design Space is filled with make-able gift ideas. Happy Valentine’s Day!